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    Hello, My friend is currently doing something that some might call crazy, he has a gc8 Subaru and just recently installed an ecu link system and a 2008 quad avcs engine, with 2004 wrx manifold and injectors and so on... so he has cable throttle body and not e-throttle, and 450cc injectors. He wants me to tune his car but I have never used link engine management system and it is very different from other softwares, so I am asking your help with the throttle calibration and injector pulses and dead time and etc... I have set-up most of the map but if someone can check it for safety reasons it would be best. I tested the injectors last night and the first 3 gave a positive result while the 4th didn't do anything, but when we tested the 4th with direct current it made the tick sound it does so the electrician is saying that I have something wrong in my map but I don't know if it's true or not. I have set the vvt table intake and exhaust and if someone can check the whole map and tell me what to fix it would be splendid. Thank you, Best Regards. G4+ Storm Friend.pclr
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