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  1. theandydove

    Dash2 Pro Help

    Hi Guys, im having some issues with the dash2 pro on an extreme, I have the Dash2 pro working using the videos, however my issue is: N20 pressure does not display properly, I am using a 0-1600psi sensor wired to AN Volt 11 using cal table 5, pressure displays accurately within the link software, however it’s in a 5 digit format on the dash2pro (raw can data number maybe?) working PC link I have it on CAN2, channel2 :transmit user stream 2. ID 1200 (as the dash is wired to DI), 50hz rate, normal format. its on Frame 1 of stream 2, start pos 0, width 16, Ms first, unassigned, multiplier 1, Divider 1 and offset 0 within the Dash2 Pro software, I set it up as water pressure, only 16 boxes selected, can address 1200, start bit 0, length 16, value type unassigned, byte order have tried various?, scale 1, offset 0 when I change the units in the LCD areas tab this does have an effect but is obviously wrong. what am I missing? thabks in advance.
  2. theandydove

    CAN Keypad

    I know a few guys running a Toucan with G4+ ECUs not sure if it has enough for what you want though https://jti.uk.com/toucan/
  3. Do any of you kind gentleman have the information for the BMW Mini throttle pedal available, there’s a Plug-in available for it, however the info is not in the help file. specifically right now it’s the pinout that I am interested in. thanks in advance
  4. That would be fine if the standard ECU worked, Base map probably wasn’t the right choice of words because obviously it will run with the Link base map, it’s more like a stock map, or slightly better than stock map I was hoping for.
  5. theandydove

    Rb20DET Basemap

    Hello, Does anyone have a RB20DET base map good enough to drive with? The engine is stock other than a exhaust and intercooler. I am in an unfortunate situation where I need to fit the plugin I have had a while to solve some issues on my daily car but all the good mappers are extremely busy currently and I really need to use the car Kind regards Andy
  6. thanks Simon, I had actually eventually found that answer in another topic. I guess that's a case of sending it to NZ to be done? (i'm in the UK)
  7. Hi guys, I am wanting to change to a DBW throttle setup, is this possible on a GTR Link as I do not see it having Aux 9 & 10 available? Kind regards Andy
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