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  1. Ok so I feel like an idiot but at least I've found the problem... Anyway thanks a lot for your input guys!
  2. Hi mate I'll put it on the list to check
  3. Anyway I'm taking a weekend off I'll tackle it again on Monday I'll let you guys know what's going on but something tells me that Ducie is right and I might have knackered crank pulley after all,,
  4. That's exactly what I've done mine sit at around -133 but i kept timing at 20 deg I'll recheck crank pulley and try to take a video of it and try to send you here or on Motorsport forum mate
  5. It starts and idles perfectly. I just can't set base ignition timing because my timing marks are for lack of better word running away. They're there for a second and then just drift anticlockwise
  6. Yeah this what confuses me slightly. I've set base ignition to 20 and idle timing to 20 as well (factory settings for Pulsar) and adjusted offset till it riches 900 rpm on idle... but can't see marks at all. I'll check it again with engine not running and then scope triggers like Ducie said.
  7. I'm using vag red coils
  8. I'll recheck it again with engine not running and yea timing light is on 0... Even if you change degree on strobe nothing changes
  9. Hi all I came across strange issue and I was wondering if someone could help Car Nissan Pulsar gtir with S15 plug in. I've put separated coils on it. My problems is when setting base ignition timing my timing marks are not stable/don't want to stay in one place. I followed procedure locked at 15 10 0 degree and adjusted offset (even tried adding 180) raised revs up and down etc. I can see marks for a few sec and then they "move" anticlockwise and disappear! Car Idles fine and when ignition is locked and I'm changing offset revs and engine note are changing too. I've tried 2 different timing lights I've got ht lead between coil and plug and no difference! Oh and my crank pulley is fixed. Thanks Mike
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