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  1. Hello Adamw, Finaly I could solve no working issue. The rootcause is that the +/- connection between moter and Aux9/10 is opposit. You can see the problem situation and solution in the attached figure. I connected to match (+)/(-) between OEM diagram indication (+)/(-) and Aux function name (+)/(-), but it was wrong, should be opposit connection. The user point of view, I think this is easy to make misunderstanding so it is better to refine the help contents and manual. Please utilize this information for your support. Thank you, Yuto,
  2. Hello Adamw, I tryied to proceed TP calibration but it was fault with Error 5 : TPS (main) doesn't work. Previously it was moving at TPS(main) and it was fault with Error10 : TPS(Sub) doesn't work, but current it is fault at Error5 : TPS(main). The difference bitween previous and current is that I tryied to connect GND directory instead of Aux6 throttle relay 1. Is this cause of making these problems? Thanks, Yuto. AP calibration already done. Previously during TP calibration it was move before TPS(Sub) fault Error10. But current TPS calibration is fault at TPS(main) moving at begining of the calibration. Does throttle seems to be broken? Yuto,
  3. Hello Adamw and all, Happy new year! I hope your new year is perfect for you! Thanks always your support. Finally I could get new LINK G4"+" Xtreme then I'm trying to apply E-throttle on 2JZ-GTE. But I have new problems with G4+ V5.6.5.3338b that E-throttle didn't move by LINK ECU controls. Could you try to answer the follwoing questions? 1. During Throttole mode "ON-Setup mode" with IGN-ON, throttle didn't move even though I move by wire manuary. Is this behavior normal? I thought that throttle should move with following wire moving. 2. During Throttole mode "ON-Setup mode", Aux6 e-throttle relay 1 was "ON" it seems to be fine. But after swtching toThrottole mode "ON", Aux6 was switched to "OFF" and Aux9/10 power supply had detected fault code "73 Aux9/10 power supply fault". Is this behavior normal? Please find the ttached picture for both situation. <INFO> With OEM ECM, it was moving with IGN-ON by wire. By wire means wire side with APS of throttle module. Engine and e-throttle are OEM one of TOYOTA 2JZ-GTE. Wire connection should be ok in my point of view, please find the attached figure that is actual connection method. Thanks in advance, Yuto.
  4. Hello Adamw, Thank you for your prompt answer and kindly information. I understand the specification of G4 series. Then I'm considering to go to buy G4+Xtreme than the external control, becuse the wire-harness and hardwere already has been installed as Aux9/10... (G4+ has Japanese format too :)) I will try to create vvti one based on yours base map of supra without vvti. (It is included one when PCLink was installed, right?) Many thanks, Yuto,
  5. Hello, I'm Japanese user of G4 Xtreme and this is first time to use LINK ecu. I'm going to apply G4 Xtreme to 2JZ-GTE VVTi E-throttle engine. (Normal engine, not any tuned) Do you know G4 Xtreme is available to control E-throttle with Aux9/10 by ECU itself? Eventhough I'm going to control E-throttle by using Aux9/10, I couldn't define Aux9/10 as E-throttle+-, because I couldn't find Aux9/10 in the list of ECU setting. (Please see the attached, It is shown only Aux1~8, Virtual Aux1~3 and Timer...) On the other hands, Aux9/10 is appeared in the list of Runtime and it is shown as "Not defined!". (I want to define...!!!) In addition, If you can share the base map for Toyota Aristo 2JZ-GTE VVTi TwinTurbo E-throttle, It could be very helpful to setup the calibrations. Thanks in advance, Yuto,
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