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  1. Thanks to everyone for their help. ended up with some good results today. cheers. Col
  2. Thanks Again. Col MAP Table.pclr
  3. Thanks for the thought though
  4. I'm in Vic mate, Ballarat
  5. So if I change that Axis to MAP, am I right in saying that my values in the table would no longer be accurate? my table seems to be a lot bigger than yours, is there a reason for that? Is it necessary? cheers
  6. How do I change it to read MAP?
  7. Great, thanks heaps for all your help. Col Thanks Ducie. Can you tell me why my DC table measures MGP and your MAP? Can you explain the difference please? Cheers. Col
  8. Sorry to be a PITA, But I have re done both logs, the first one with no adjustments to the wastegate table and the second with + 15% across the board. And going by the gauge, it made approx. + 5PSI difference, can you confirm that with the logs? What does the before and after PSI calculate to? I have attached both logs and both base maps before and after changing the wastegate table Turbos are GT675RS with standard wastegates, using a 3 port valve. I hope im on the right track? Cheers. Col Base 1.pclr Base 2.pclr Log 1 2017-08-26 12;38;42 pm.llg Log 2 2017-08-26 12;51;49 pm.llg
  9. Yeah it still has the original values, the lower ones. thats why I thought I'd ask if by updating the firmware, the ECU controlled the original settings differently. cheers. Col
  10. Sorry, I could have explained myself a bit better. The map I attached was the altered one, + 15% across the board. Once I done that log run, I closed the software without saving it to the ECU, and it seemed to still be boosting well over the 20psi
  11. Thanks Mate. Any ideas as to why is seemed to still hit higher boost after I closed the software without saving? You mentioned in an earlier post that I originally had an old version of the firmware, and there were boost control changes in the newest version, by updating to the newest version, would that have changed how the original tune controlled boost?
  12. HI Adam. So I added the 15% into the to the wastage DC table across the board, and going by the boost gauge it most definitely went well above 20psi, maybe around 25-26 by the gauge, which I logged. Strange thing is, I didn't save the table when I closed the software, and it still boosted well over 20psi, again around 25-26. I didn't have time to open it up and do another log run though. Does the log run reflect this? Thanks Again. Col 300ZX base 24-8.pclr Log 2017-08-24 5;45;07 pm.llg
  13. Hi Brad. I am not sure, as I haven't done that test, If I were to disconnect both hoses from the solenoid and join them together, is this going to give me this information? When you say minimum boost pressure, Minimum when? as in certain RPM or cruising? Cheers. Col
  14. Hi Steve. Thanks for the reply. I know when he began tuning it, he was very skeptical that the lambda's were reading correctly, as one was reading a huge difference to the other, so tuned with probes in the exhaust. Fuel economy has actually never been better, haha, I had an old Wolf 3D in before the link, and now that was a glitchy ECU and couldn't keep a tune in it, and was extremely rich, but in saying that, I really do not do a lot of road K's in it, and fuel consumption is not a huge concern. I changed the oil before it was on the dyno and have done a few drag runs since, it will most definitely be getting changed once this issue is sorted and back on the dyno. I understand what your saying in regard to "are there any other tuners in my area" This guy has a great reputation, if it makes any difference, he only tuned high end, no cold start or idle or cruise etc. as we were pretty tight for time. Cheers. Col
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