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  1. Aim MXL2

    Hi Adam, Works perfectly now. I just want to thank you and Simon for your assistance, it's excellent customer service. John
  2. Aim MXL2

    Hi Adam, Thanks for that; it explains why I've been struggling. I've ordered a CANPCB cable and will fit it on Friday. John
  3. Aim MXL2

    Hi Adam, I bought a Link CANDASH cable that is connected to a comms lead that hangs out of the ecu (the same comms lead that I attach my laptop to). I stripped all of the cables out of the CANDASH apart from CAN H and CAN L John
  4. Aim MXL2

    Hi Adam, Attached is my map. The dash has a 22-pin and a 37-pin connector. It was supplied with a 37-pin harness and that is what I am using. On the attached info sheet I am connected to cables 8 and 9. John 180206 - Mitsubishi EVO 4-8 G4+ Xtreme Plugin.pclr Cablaggio_37Pin+1TC_MXL2+MXG+MXS_100_eng.pdf
  5. Aim MXL2

    Hi Adam, I set the bit rate to 1Mbit as attached - still nothing from the ecu on the display. John AIM MXL 2.docx
  6. Aim MXL2

    Hi Adam, Thanks for the steer; I will make that change on Friday and see if it works, John
  7. Aim MXL2

    Hi Simon, Apologies for the delayed response but my car went into storage for the winter and I have just got it back. I've now checked the CAN runtimes and the results are as attached. I've also taken a screenshot of the settings for the dash and the ecu (I tried swapping the settings between CAN 1 and CAN 2). I read about problems with the CANDASH cable so I cut all of the cables back to the connector except the white and green; the white is connected to the dash CAN + and the green to the dash CAN -. There is no information from the ecu being displayed so any help you can provide would be much appreciated. thanks, John AIM MXL 2.docx
  8. Aim MXL2

    Hi Simon, I have spent several hours on this today without much success. 1. Connection - I am using a CANDASH cable from the ecu with the CAN H cable (white) connected to the Aim CAN + cable and the CAN L cable (green) connected to the Aim CAN - cable. The other 3 cable ends (brown, yellow, grey) are insulated. 2. ECU - I set the ecu CAN Setup in PCLink as follows and saved using F4; CAN Module - CAN 1 Mode - User Defined Bit Rate - 1 Mbit/s OBD - OFF Date - Channel 1 ; Transmit Generic Dash Mode - Transmit Generic Dash Transmit Rate - 20 Hz CAN ID - 1000 Format - Normal 3. Aim dash - I configured the settings for the dash as follows and transmitted to the unit using Race Studio 3; ECU Manufacturer - Link ECU Model - CAN_BUS_BASE_LCC ECU Channels - All manually set to 20 Hz If you can shed any light as to why the dash is not reading the ecu data I'd be very grateful. JJ
  9. Aim MXL2

    Hi, I have installed an Aim MXL2 data dash into my evo VIII that has a G4+ ecu. I bought the dedicated cable to connect them but the dash is not reading any data from the ecu. Any help on how to overcome my current frustration will be very much appreciated. Thanks JJ