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  1. i originally had the link iat sensor but it broke when removing it and now i got the new gm senor installed but im still getting an t2 at 5v any updates trying to calibrate my gm iat sensor on my link g4+
  2. okay got it working had it wired in correctly pc link is not showing me the ethanol content tho it just says sesnor status ok
  3. hi trying to set up my aem ethanol senor on my 300zx link g4+ converted to gtrlink i have the sensor wired getting 12v ign ground and digital output 4 but when i try to connect nothing happens and says error r33 non tune new iat.pclr
  4. firing order changed in map evolution auto street tune.pclr
  5. car is a r33 skyline using the 300zx link g4+ and with the ac on if i rev the engine the car will stumble and stall or come very close to it temperatures also get very hot with it on i took a data log of the incident ac working car stumbles when reved log.llg
  6. also happens with my ecu im running the factory check engine light settings as well and the check engine light comes on after 7000 rpm. i am only running 17psi of boost and ect is 88 degrees
  7. dee242

    300z link running rb25?

    got it working just had to set it to an v2 instead of an v4 because off the 300zxecu pin 27 is anv2 0n 300zx ecu
  8. dee242

    300z link running rb25?

    The picture above said to place anv5 as power steering switch witch is where I have it. I originally had anv4 wired as my wideband signal but I would get an o2 sensor code and there was no function selection in the ecu for lamba 1 just o2 sensor narrowband If you could post an updated pclr file with the sensor outputs labeled then I can just open it and wire it accordingly
  9. dee242

    300z link running rb25?

    The picture aside to place an 5 as power steering switch and I had it originally going to anv4 but I would get an o2 sensor code and there was no function selection for lambs 1
  10. dee242

    300z link running rb25?

    I also can't get my aem wideband to come up on the screen I have the signal wire to an5 and set it to voltage adjusted calabration table 4 and nothing
  11. dee242

    300z link running rb25?

    I had it before I change ecus but I'll have a look
  12. dee242

    300z link running rb25?

    Only got one code now anv6 I did set it to 0 started it up and drove it runs on 7ms for master fuel trim dies on anything higher or lower also have no power steering now
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