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  1. Similar connection diagram that Haltech has should be added in the G4+ manual for the commonly used Crydom SSR relay.
  2. I will be running E85 95% of the time. My engine is also high compression 11:1 but it's fully built. Plan is to not go on boost at all before going to dyno. The dyno is like 150 km away so i need to drive there light footed. I will be using a wideband to get the fuel tables correct. Thanks!
  3. Could you send the latest map that you used to get the car running? Are you running ID1050x injectors. I should do a basemap so I can drive the car to dyno and I would like to check my map against yours before I try to fire it up. What's your setup like and will you be running flex-fuel? I got a HKS8555 supercharger and I'm I will make a flex fuel setup.
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