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  1. Dear Neil, on the inlet before the compressor wheel? If so did you make any corrections perhaps! Regards Dean
  2. Thanks fellas, I have not made any progress due to the holidays. I was also considering using the intercooler as a point to mount the sensor. Will keep you guys updated on my progress. Regards Dean
  3. Dear Simon, please re confirm the PIN number please. B136 19 or is it 9? Thank you! Dean
  4. Dear Fellas, I am busy with the installation of the IAT on my Subaru Impreza Sti my00 and I would appreciate some assistance with the following please: 1.) Which location would be optimal to install the IAT sensor? 2.) Should I use a thermal insulating bushing to prevent heat soak at the installation point of the IAT sensor? 3.) Which pins do I use on the ECU and where can I purchase the connector to connective sensor to the ECU. Is there a universal connector that I can purchase from a electrical supplier perhaps? Regards Dean
  5. Dear Neil, many thanks for this lead, excuse the pun. Regards Dean
  6. Greetings fellas, please can some help with the wiring diagram, ECU changes and hardware list for this modification. I just finished the installation of the G4+ WRX V5-V6 ECU and am busy with dry commissioning and testing. I might as well get this coil on plug mod done while I am still fiddling under the hood. Regards Dean
  7. Dear Brad, thank you this. I will drop them a line. Rgds Dean
  8. Dear Brad, my dealer asked me to register on this forum. Rgds Dean
  9. Greetings, can you please assist with the unlock code for my G4+ WRX. rgds Dean
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