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  1. I used 5mm mild steel that I welded onto the cam washer I'll upload the file later when I'm with my laptop
  2. It's come to the time to try and start my car after Binning off the old Cas sensor I'm going for a 36 - 1 crank pickup and a one tooth pick up for the cam. I've spoken to my tuner he has talked me through the settings to put in the ECU I'm using to wire reluctor sensors from a Ford Zetec engine. When I crank the engine over I'm getting a green yes next to trig one but a white no next to trig 2 no RPM showing on the ECU. I have opened up the trigger scope and I'm getting a signal on trig one but nothing on trig 2 I've removed the sensor and passed metal past it and I'm getting a signal on the scope. Has anybody got any ideas to what this could be my clearance on the crank is 20 thou and 26 on the cam
  3. Awesome thankyou Adam, I can get the sensors wired up now, with the trigger setup I'm using two Ford 2wire connectors one on a 36-1 wheel on he crank pulley and one to pick up each rotation of the exhaust cam, does this seem right? I think the crank sensor signal should wire back to pin 42 in the ecu and the cam signal should go to 41 as I making a completey new loom I'm follwing the oem loom as much as I can and changing bits for my new sensors and trigger setup
  4. Good morning, I'm making a new engine and interior loom for my R33 gtst I'm running a rb26. I'm putting a trigger wheel setup on the engine due to the standard cas sensor giving me horrendous ignition problems. I am also putting a fuel pressure sensor, oil pressure and oil temp sensors back into the ECU. I'm struggling to figure out where to wire the temperature and pressure sensors back in the ECU as the pressure sensors are 3 wire 5 volt sensors the temp sensors are 2 wire from jtl innvations. And where to wire the trigger wheel sensors on the crank and cam back in the ecu.
  5. The more I thought about the pc's being attached at once I realised I didn't need it at all I was being over complicated. Im going to try connecting the tablet to my ECU today I've loaded the pclink software onto it, thankyou adams I'll have a good read through that post now
  6. Good evening guys, I'm trying to setup my windows tablet as a dash in my R33 Skyline I'm using a plugin G4+ ECU, I'm not that well uptodate with how the pclink software works I can navigate around the windows and look at the statistics etc but I've never had to go into it any further. Also can you use a USB block to attach a laptop for mapping and keep the dash working? Or is that not needed? Cheers in advance Kris
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