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  1. just did a tps cal, 0% to 100% as it should be no problems, spans as it should! thanks heaps Adamw!!!
  2. yea i've got the 2 round the wrong way, my pin 18 on the ecu is light green and my light green wire is going to the outside pin, instead of the center pin.
  3. yea i've got 1 5.00v on the multi meter and 1 4.84v?
  4. (grey auto plug) I've got 5.00v going to the (center pin) blue wire on the plug and on the grey wire (outside pin) i've got 4.84v which i'm seeing on the ecu is this right? then the black with white stripe going to the body of the car (other outside pin)
  5. ended up being a faulty sensor, got the new one in the mail today. Got the in between 0% to 100% working again. Did a tps cal 100% then 0% at rest the sensor sits at different readings every time I open or shut the throttle. Instead of the reading being smooth upto 100% it glitters and is very inconsistent. At idle on the ecu tps reading can sit at 7.5% then 0.0% then 13.7% then 30.7%? and repeats itself with the throttle completely shut. I can get 100% throttle reading with only 50% throttle depressed on the pedal. Could the issue be the 5v and signal wire may be round the wrong way? I see 4.84v on the an1 - tp (main gauge in the ecu)
  6. Cheers Adamw i'll let you know when the new sensor comes in if i have any more trouble thanks for your help mate much appreciated
  7. I Already have the sensor wired like this? i'm still only getting throttle switched values? 0% and 100% only idle and full throttle. no in between can't understand why.
  8. I've ordered a new tps today, should arrive next couple days. Do you think because i'm using the signal wire and the 5v from the tps switch loom this would cause the sensor to only show 0% and 100% like a switched throttle sensor? I'll get the multi meter out again tomorrow. Do you think if i changed the signal wire from the tps switched wiring to the cars factory automatic wiring for the sensor but left the 5v one the tps switched wiring. Would it work or still read 0% to 100% don't want to do damage to the ecu. That was the reason why I followed the link booklet.
  9. I'll try find my spare tps, my resistance readings were no where near 500 or 5000ohms. So i'm guessing the sensor is bad. I turned the sensor while the car was running and the idle didn't change. I also put the car under load to check to see if the tps would work under load still nothing. Do you know at all if you have to have both sensors wired up? the throttle switch and analog plug wired up? or if it is okay to run the analog plug on it's own?
  10. Checked the throttle switch, ohms they seem to be decreasing 1 to 2 ohms as the throttle opens.
  11. Set the multi meter to ohms for resistance, I can only get a reading from the pins inside the throttle switch (black part of tps) on the tb. I get no reading if I plug the probes from the multi meter into the back of the white connector.
  12. Wired up the white plug on the sensor, used the throttle switch wiring as it only has a power signal and 5v, pulled a ground from the body of the car.
  13. Hi guys, I just have a question about my tps on my rb30 vl turbo, I do tps calibration no worries, follow on the screen instructions. I get 0% throttle at rest and 100% at full throttle with 4.86v on the gauge in the link software at rest. But here's my issue. I'm not getting any in between reading only 0% at rest and 100% fully open. I'm not getting 25% or anything while at idle if i raise the idle to 2500rpm is this normal or do i have a faulty sensor? My sensor is wired up to a signal, a 5v and a chassis ground.
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