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  1. Noisy RPM signal

    I try the filter, and do the trick! Thanks guys!!!
  2. Noisy RPM signal

    Thanks Adam! I will try it!
  3. Noisy RPM signal

    All my Rpm signla is like this one.
  4. Noisy RPM signal

    Hello guys i have a 3sgte with cop and G4+ plug in. i have very noisy RPM signal, i am at stock harness. I know that i must change the crank/cam wires with shield one but i want to ask, at 3sgte the crank and cam sensors are in the distributor?
  5. AFR or Lambda value

    Hello guys today I try to play with Cl Lambda control. I found something at Gain table. At Options-Preferences-Units have already set the Lambda to AFR 2-3 months ago. Today I found that the Gain table the +/- Lambda error is at Lambda values. ( I think ). Can I correct it or i must make the conversation by my self? If yes what is the values for Lambda error 0.033 - 0.066 - 0.100 - 0.133 - 0.166 to AFR error And can anyone tell me the suggested values to start with for Gain table and Rate table.
  6. Engine don't start

    Sorry guys the ground wire for Cop setup just cutted.
  7. Engine don't start

    it's stock harness. but the engine run fine until now.... is there a possibility to burn all coils at the same time? And i try in downhill with gear and nothing.
  8. Engine don't start

    And here is the log guys Log Dont start.llg
  9. Engine don't start

    Hello guys I have a problem. My 3s gte with cop (same setup for a month ago running fine) Today as I drive the engine shut down and don't start again. I make a trigger scope. I check for ignition spark and the COP's don't fire. Whats the problem here? Trigger Scope Dont start.llg toliski map.pclr
  10. Launch control

    Perfect thank you Adam.
  11. Launch control

    Hello guys. iI want to enable launch control from my ecu I try but I can't manage to make it work. I want it simple just lower rpm limit when I have 0 speed. I don't want switches and other stuff. And I have available only the driven wheels speed.
  12. Det Cans

    Excellent choice I have listen the best for this device. But i want to hear if anyone have other trick to do this!
  13. Det Cans

    Hi guys, i am interesting more for a DIY style det cans. Do you prefer Electronic style ( if yes with microphone or knock sensor ) or the old-school tube style?
  14. 3sgte COP

    Guys i have set my ignition timing with timing light when i was on standard 3s coil. Now i made the COP trick. I unplug my standard coil but i don't move the distributor from it position. I must to check again the timing? and if yes how I doing this with COP
  15. st205 with cop conversion rev counter?

    I try it! i have never opened a relay