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  1. St205 Dwell Times or St185

    Hello Guys i just try to find out my Dwell times. I have St205 electronics but with my PFC and Dwell times for st205 the car doesnt work properly. But when i set Dwell time for St185 it work very well. I assume that ignite is from st185. So i must to do the same here? I must to just copy the dwell time table from St185 map? My concern is this picture and the unstable rpm log
  2. Map Limit or not?

    as Adamw said it's independent from the ECU. i try to rise one or two degrees my ignition and see.
  3. Map Limit or not?

    I put in every cell the exact same amount of timing with my PFC i think it's straight forward setting at the same value.
  4. Map Limit or not?

    No i connect my Power Fc and working good with 260kpa. So its something from ECU If you see the log file at 205kpa the car struggles, if i push it further it can go for 210-215kpa but it not running right. my afr is on the low way like 10.5 but i don't think that this is my map problem because it's something like limit so the air it's not stable.
  5. Map Limit or not?

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0_6FCzctzJLTURXVHRGdlJINU0 Here is my log. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0_6FCzctzJLTlNGZ0VOVTdVSmc And my map. Because i make always changes to my map take that one its my latest.
  6. Map Limit or not?

    Well today as i try to rise my boost i notice that ecu doesnt let me to go further up from 205KPA i have set to off my map limit but i cant find why i cant go for more boost. The ignition table is fine, the fuel table its about to 11 AFR. And i have external boost control. With Power fc i have seen more so the car is fine. Toyota Celica ST205.pclr
  7. Car shut down

    Well i make this change but i notice when i start my engine from stone cold it works with 3 cylinders for a while. After a 30 secs it works fine again. The change that we made has to do with that? Or its an other thing?
  8. Car shut down

    Yes they are! ok i write the new settings and i wait!!! thanks guys!
  9. Car shut down

    I don't understand the reason of trigger scope. I make it because Adamw ask me to do it but i don't understand if i capture it right. The engine is cold at the logs. It's anything wrong with trigger scope?
  10. Car shut down

    Well i dont know if i make it right so i make 4 logs. 1st capture.llg 2nd capture.llg 3rd capture.llg 4rth capture.llg
  11. Car shut down

    I try it later and I send it here.
  12. Idle Up and Down problem

    Ok thanks for advice!
  13. Car shut down

    Hello guys i have a problem. I try to make my fuel map better i make my idle better the car runs good not fine but good. Suddenly as i go for drive yesterday when i push the clutch pedal the engine stop. I try once nothing second nothing the third it start and everything was fine again. Today it make the same thing. I make a log but in the log its only the 'shut down time' not the 'start again time' because i make the key off key on. at the last 20-30 secs the problem occurs i try to start with no throttle half throttle and full throttle but nothing. Then i make key off and the Ecu disconected so the log stops. but after that everything was fine. Can you see any mistakes? Toyota Celica ST205.pclr Log 2017-10-14 3;27;36 pm.llg
  14. Connect link with wideband

    I make the correction every thing is perfect now!!! Thank you Adamw!
  15. Idle Up and Down problem

    Ok i will try it! Thank you