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  1. Hi Adamw-san,Thank you for your advice! I tried the trigger settings of SUZUKI Swift ZC32S. The measurement of engine speed with "G4+ Plugin HC96+" became stable and showing correct value!!! This is something like "Hello (LINK) world!" for me.Thank you, C.A.M.
  2. Hi, I'm planning to use "G4+ Plugin HC96+" as a piggyback for SUZUKI Jimmny K6A Turbo. It seems that the trigger settings for K6A No-VVT is still a Beta-version. When I tried the trigger settings, a warning has popup as the screenshot below. Warning was displayed, but I kept trying. For the preparation step, I only connected the power, trigger 1 and trigger 2. The engine is under control of the oridinal ECU of Jimmny, not LINK ECU. In this case, the idle speed is around 900rpm, but the engine speed measurement of LINK side seems in trouble. Idle speed displayed in LINK is not stable and changing between about 5000rpm to 22000rpm, and I guess the average is around 9000rpm. The screenshot below is a trigger scope during the idle speed. It seems that there is no noise. The screenshot below is a measurement data of engine cranking. The purpose is for checking the trigger pattern. The trigger pattern is exactly same as the maintenance manual. Trigger 1: Crank sensor 36-2-2 (10,-2,22,-2) Trigger 2: Cam sensor 3+1 Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I want some advice. JIMMNY piggyback v0.01TEST.pclr Best regards, C.A.M.
  3. Hello, Is it possible to add Pulse width measurement on the Digital input? I try piggyback and I want to see a injector pulse width of the original control unit.
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