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  1. Hi quick update carried out a software upgrade on the ecu re stored the trigger mode cycled the ignition a number of times disconnected the battery and every times it's started without the computer so fingers crossed we've fixed it thanks to everyone's who sent suggestions appreciate there time and effort
  2. Ok I will try this next time I get a chance thanks for the reply I will update you if anything changes thanks
  3. Ok thanks for the reply it's currently a Sunday project so I'll have to wait till next weekend to try these changes but thanks you for your time and ideas much appreciated thanks
  4. hi thanks for the reply, no I'm not completely sure what software the ECU's using but it definitely hasn't been updated in the past two years (i will try to check what software) and yes we are storing it to the ECU we've tried saving it to the computer but still haven't had any luck thanks
  5. hi I'm new to the forum and new to tuning so please go easy on me my friend has the red G4+ extreme ecu he's fitted the Toyota 1uzfe engine to his Nissan 200sx s13, the Ecu and the engine was bought as a package which was fitted to another car previously and as far as we are aware that was running fine, we are using the pc link tuning software. We are having issues getting the trigger setting (1uzfe) to store in the Ecu. If we select the setting and store it, it stores successfully engine cranks and fires and runs a dream however when the ignition is switched off and back on again the engine will not restart unless we restore the trigger setting in the Ecu then again it will start successfully. I've checked all the lives and the earths supplying the Ecu and everything's as it should be. Beginning to think maybe an internal issue within the Ecu may be the cause. If anyone can help with this issue it will be greatly appreciated i will do my best to answer any questions thank you
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