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  1. you maxed out your fuel pump... do you use trandional or modelled equation ?? if its trandional your master fuel needs a lower value but thats not your problem here i just mention it
  2. hmmm something is wrong with the timing
  3. its 100 kpa because he change the axis setup just to suit in his application, so it was tps in the original map with itbs... i disagree with you, with itbs you cant hook up map sensor with corrent readings of vacuum, tps is a must for both fuel and ignition with itbs in my experience i have seen some applications with vacuum box on itbs but doesnt work right sometimes, the wave pulses make odd readings on the map sensor
  4. ok thats fine but the problem here is that its a totaly different thing to map an engine with TPS and different with map sensor....the alpha N method its totaly different than density method its not as simple just to switch from TPS to map sensor just changing the axis setup on the map, thats why the second map goes until 100 and first at 105, the second map 100 is the percentage of throttle the first 105 is the kilo pascal of air entering inside the engine
  5. there is no answer if it would be safe or not, you need to tune your engine and find out where is the knock limit, a map from another engine setup its just a base map for starting your engine nothing more also you said it runs ITB's how its possible to run ITB's and he uses map sensor for load ?? instead of TPS...
  6. maybe noise from somewhere interference the crank sensor
  7. iceman_n

    Blown engine!

    does the piston have ignition marks on it or a bent rod ??
  8. iceman_n

    Blown engine!

    if it sprays before IAT sensor....but he said he doesnt use methanos spray also what d you mean " Almost looks like electrical noise "
  9. iceman_n

    Blown engine!

    really i dont know, also it was under full boost, it start from around 50 degrees IAT and drop to 11 degrees really suddenly and i think it was the last full boost attempt as after that tps is at really low values propably it was the point the blew the engine that why you ask about methanol spray...its a reasonable reason for low IAT so suddenly
  10. iceman_n

    Blown engine!

    only at 7.31 has that temperature drop on intake and really suddenly
  11. iceman_n

    Blown engine!

    according to the log file IAT at 220kpa 7600 rpm is around 30 degrees quite ok in my opinion so i think advance timing blew the engine as the ignition degrees in my experience are high for turbo engine.... and obviously there is a problem with alternator and battery charging
  12. why on main fuel setup on active injectors is set to 1-4 ? since its a 6 cylinder engine...
  13. i have the the dead times for 3 bar fuel pressure...is it possible to calculate somehow for 3.5 bar fuel pressure ?? or should i use the 3 bar fuel pressure data ?
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