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  1. iceman_n

    2JZ VVTI Monson ECU Map

    why on main fuel setup on active injectors is set to 1-4 ? since its a 6 cylinder engine...
  2. i have the the dead times for 3 bar fuel pressure...is it possible to calculate somehow for 3.5 bar fuel pressure ?? or should i use the 3 bar fuel pressure data ?
  3. iceman_n

    Poor idle

    it not the same as the vw 1.8 20vt, vw has vvt only enabled on cold start for emission and some models without vvt this thread here is for audi s3...its different from vw engine but in general is the same engine....s3 has the same engine as seat ibiza cupra with 220hp and not 150 or 180 hp as vw this came up from a little research i made but still not 100% sure, just saying....
  4. iceman_n

    Poor idle

    i believe that the wrong vvt setup has major responsibility in idle because full advance on intake makes huge camshaft overlap...but cj has right too about the 6% open throttle is too much... my opinion is : kill the vvt totaly..setup the car with nice smooth idle and goos cold start...then enable vvt again an try to fix it...it needs to be mapped well without the vvt as a good starting point some things must be FIXED to allow you to move on more proffesional things as vvt... also as the vvt still remains on aux output it will not work properly...it needs to be moved on vvt output with camshaft sensor along side with crank sensor or to kill it permantly...thats your options
  5. iceman_n

    Poor idle

    i am not 100% familiar with AUDI engines but from a little research i made its a truly VVT and not ON/OFF if its a truly VVT then you need cam sensor in association with crank sensor to work it properly...If you try to work it as ON/OFF mode from an auxiliary port then you will have issues as you already have...also if you try to switch from 2000 rpm you will have problems because if you drive under 2000rpm then it will turned off and fully closed then if you try to drive a bit over 2000rpm it will be turned on and fully open this will make a feeling of "bouncing" and stalling because it needs some kind of hysteresis to work propery that aux output dont have...Hysteresis prevents outputs from switching rapidly on-off-on-off as the control signal hovers around the switching point thats why your mapper as far i can see from your map it enables it at 1200rpm so its ON all the time from lets say idle until 5200rpm...as i already said you need to work it properly with cam sensor and vvt functions or just totaly KILL it and try to make a proper timing on your camshaft
  6. iceman_n

    Poor idle

    i far i can see from your map file the VVT control is OFF....so your mapper has wired in vvt solenoid in auxiliary output 6 without using cam trigger...i guess the vvt now works as an ON/OFF mode and not as constantly variable timing as it sould be and it just change position from fully open to fully closed and vise versa...it can not get middle pisition as it sould be The old bmw VANOS systems was ON/OFF... in your case probable the problem here is that the vvt changes the camshaft timing too much degrees as i said it only gets 2 postions fully open or fully closed...maybe it changes 20 or more degrees and that cause your problems... my advice is to use proper vvt configuration with camshaft postion sensor or KILL the vvt totaly and find a correct timing for your camshaft specs...i prefer the second method as its more simple and you can achive higher dynamic compression and great pulse tuning on the intake as the camshaft timing will be stable and always the same (as far the timings it make changes the pulse inside the intake will not be never be cordinate)
  7. iceman_n

    ross trigger for rb engine

    except filtering you should use very good quality screened wire on this kind of sensor also Trigger Arming Threshold has major fact on magnetic interference
  8. iceman_n

    Trigger Type and Trigger Signal Question

    thanks for the quick answer...just check the manual about differential trigger on kurofune...ok thats an option...or i can go totally standalone with just link ecu wired up...and i will use aftermarket rpm gauge but now the problem is that subaru 1-6 trigger pattern cant work without cam signal....so i need to wire up cam trigger too, i think its the same too with subaru cam trigger...i need to check
  9. iceman_n

    Trigger Type and Trigger Signal Question

    Hello i am new to link ecu's, i am experienced but on another ecu brand...i have a couple of question about trigger type and trigger signal i am building a Fiat engine that trigger pattern on crank and cam is the same as subaru old models...thats why i am thinking to go for a link ecu i post a crankshaft image from the fiat 1) is it possible to run subaru 1-6 trigger setup but without the cam signal ? (i just want to keep it simple with wasted spark and batch on injectors) 2) is it possible to share the signal from fiats reluctor crank sensor to both fiat ecu and the link ecu as i want to keep fiat ecu to run the dashboard with the canbus etc ?