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  1. ok i need first to modify the cam trigger so i wil be back with vvt soon something else now, i remember that somehow i can change the main fuel map values to actual milliseconds, for some reason i cant find it anymore or maybe i dont remember right... also about ignition idle there is no aircon/fan uplift should i assume that the idle target error method is so good that is "sensing" and "stabilize" idle when fan is active and rpm drops ? because i see only fuel correction/trim for aircon/fan/drive
  2. lets say i will go for 3 evenly spaced tooth on cam trigger... as far as i understand from the vvt inlet target table i control the angle not the pwm of the solenoid, so its constantly at close loop at vvt setup -> inlet fully retard postion -> should i use my camshaft centerline degrees at full retard ? its 125 then the inlet targer map goes to 175 degrees
  3. Can be done with just a single tooth for cam trigger ? Its much easier the modifications with just one tooth if i decide not to go with on/off vanos function
  4. I use custom trigger on crank 36-2 just wanted to avoid the custom cam trigger thats why i was looking for an on/off function for vanos
  5. Thanks for the clarification about degrees etc The crank and cam patterns is exactly the same as subaru old ej20 6/7 pattern, its not a subaru but uses the same pattern cause the manufacture place a Hitachi ecu that uses 6/7 pattern.. So i know that 6/7 pattern its not supported 4-5 years ago that i noticed that its a subaru pattern and was loooking for an ecu
  6. It has cam sensor but it needs to modify the trigger pattern in order vipec read it Its not 60 degrees its 25 from 125 centerline to 100 from 1500 to 4500 and rhen back to 125 until redline around 7800 The vanos barrel its made that way that can only rotate for 25 degrees, solenoid just control oil flow to it
  7. vipec v44 ecu with 2.0 liter N/A engine - i want to run smart cops in wasted spark mode, should i pair them in outputs or each cop to each output and configuratuion on software ? if it has the ability on software - batch mode on injectors again should i pair them in outputs or wire them separate and just select batch mode on software ? - 2 wire solenoid for vanos on intake cam, i want to run as ON/OFF not vvt cause i dont have cam sensor...just using rpm condition for on/off, should i use the aux output to control a relay for feeding the solenoid and ground the other terminal of the solenoid on battery - or use high side feeding directly from ecu ?
  8. you maxed out your fuel pump... do you use trandional or modelled equation ?? if its trandional your master fuel needs a lower value but thats not your problem here i just mention it
  9. hmmm something is wrong with the timing
  10. its 100 kpa because he change the axis setup just to suit in his application, so it was tps in the original map with itbs... i disagree with you, with itbs you cant hook up map sensor with corrent readings of vacuum, tps is a must for both fuel and ignition with itbs in my experience i have seen some applications with vacuum box on itbs but doesnt work right sometimes, the wave pulses make odd readings on the map sensor
  11. ok thats fine but the problem here is that its a totaly different thing to map an engine with TPS and different with map sensor....the alpha N method its totaly different than density method its not as simple just to switch from TPS to map sensor just changing the axis setup on the map, thats why the second map goes until 100 and first at 105, the second map 100 is the percentage of throttle the first 105 is the kilo pascal of air entering inside the engine
  12. there is no answer if it would be safe or not, you need to tune your engine and find out where is the knock limit, a map from another engine setup its just a base map for starting your engine nothing more also you said it runs ITB's how its possible to run ITB's and he uses map sensor for load ?? instead of TPS...
  13. maybe noise from somewhere interference the crank sensor
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