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  1. Hi Adam, Thanks for that i will give that a go, no the sensors aren't connected to the gauge any more they are installed and hooked up to the Vipec.
  2. Hi All, very much a newb in terms of setting up and altering my Vipec setup... i have a plug in type ecu on an r33 RB25det and i currently have a couple of defi temp sensors plugged into the ecu analog inputs and i am wanting to ensure the calibration table used is correct? any help would be greatly appreciated as i seem to be having a lot of difficulty finding a calibration table to suit from Defi. Cheers,
  3. voltage at battery at the same time is reading over 12.5v closer to 13V
  4. ok thanks, i think i have tested the pins you highlighted and i get 11.4V from pin 50 with the ground going to the chassis, and i will need to confirm this with the paper clip method but i got 6.3V with the ground going to pin 49 which i am not sure if that is correct or not? it doesnt sound right to me so i will try and get a paperclip in there... thanks, Andrew ok i have just back probed pin 49 and 50 with the multimeter and get 11.2/11.26V with VTS reading the same....
  5. i have marked it out on the picture below... i will try the pins you have suggested again...
  6. No I have been testing the opposite side of the plug? As I don't get any voltage out of any of those 4 pins at the end with the connector removed and ignition power on?
  7. Hi Adam, i am still unsure i have the correct pins so i have attached a picture to make sure i am getting this right... in reference to the ecu plug picture attached when i ground the multimeter to the chassis i get 13-13.5v from Pin 50 (far rhs top row of plug) from the centre bolt as you look at it in the picture.. There is no wire on pin 49... on pin 59 with the multimeter ground to the chassis i get 13-13.5V, on pin 60 i get 0V... When i probe pin 50 and pin 60 together via the multimeter i get 13-13.5V... I had the car at a tuner yesterday and he seems to think that the with the ecu reading low voltage its causing the injector timing to slow down( he explained it similar to dwell??? due to the low voltage which is causing the car to run richer than normal... he has since taken some fuel out of the trim table to compensate but mention if i get this voltage issue sorted i will need to add the fuel back in? The VTS reads 11.4 volts currently whilst checking those pins explained above
  8. I have found this difficult to determine whether or not i have the correct pins, what i have noticed i have applied the multimeter to what appears to be pins 50 and 59 and they have 13.5V but either nothing or no wire connected to pin 49 and no voltage at pin 60?
  9. I will try this tonight and report back... i did get voltage to pin 50 on Wednesday with the multimeter grounded to battery / earth and that displayed 13.5V but i dont recall pin 49 as to whether or not i got a reading out of it. So i will try again.
  10. Thanks for the help located the issue down to a calibration setting error
  11. anyone have any ideas what else may be causing the low voltage read at the ecu?? i have tested the power coming into the ecu and got 13.5V, power to aim dash 13.5V... i just dont understand how the ecu is seeing lower than 13.5V when the battery and everything else is reading correct?? Cheers
  12. ok thanks, that helps, it seems the dash and the ecu are talking and reading correctly.... thanks for that... Do you have any idea typically what sort of fuel pressure should be considered normal at idle? its an rb25det and twin 044 bosch pumps?
  13. HI Adam, I have changed the calibration on the ecu but iot did not change the readings on the dash at all? at a cold start idle the ecu reads 740kpa for oil pressure and 518 for fuel pressure whilst the dash still reads 100/110 psi for oil pressure and 75 for fuel pressure??? Any more suggestions would be great... but i would agree it seems to be an aim dash problem more than anything else.
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