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  1. Hi Mr Tarlo I just got your message.thank you for the advise .
  2. Normally it’s the crank to sensor clearance to get it the pick up straight away it’s delayed. try adjust the clearance to 1mm max.i have gone up to 0.8mm max.hope this will help.
  3. Thanks for al the info i finally manage to solve the second day of my post.them I never online since then. it was unbalance crank pully cost all this.Spend a lot troubleshooting time to find the issue.
  4. Hi there, i have tuning this rb34 with ross trigger setup and sensors its makes around 735hp 65kg torgue at 1.4bar but the problem when i reach 6800 rpm the crank signal goes error count more up to 30-40 time in dyno pull. my question, why the link ecu filter its not filtering till i filter it max,there were no changes. what it can cost?only crank sensor it is trigger 2 getting error at high rpm,the cam side looks fine so far.(is it design faulty from ross,i have check today online they have change the design12 tooth to sharp edge) i have change sensor priority to trigger 1,still same is this magnectic sensor not good for higher rpm?or link ecu got filtering issue so anyone any idea how to make work without error. thank you for your advise
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