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  1. cj How do you get the different base maps? that was the sort of feedback I was after as I don't know what the numbers typically should be. The fuel table was preloaded and not specific my ecu supplier informs me. Yes I have input specific ASNU injector data for their 90/900 injector.
  2. thanks, ill try the injector rate down as I have set it to Modelled for my Mapper to tune..... when I get the car their in a few days hopefully.
  3. OK. so the car will run but only with throttle. The lambda is just going to 1.3 and cutting out unless I give some throttle. this is not something I have done before so don't really know what are typical figures so here's some of my settings: not set any pre/post crank enrichment, do I need to if the car starts and is running for 10 sec with some throttle? Injectors are about 2.5% duty. Am I just not giving enough fuel? should enrichments be far more significant? thanks
  4. thanks, engine is firing on starter, just wont run on its own. At least I'm one step further forward. Just need to sort idle controls I guess. Is there any guidance on what Idle control 'startup step table' values should be etc ??
  5. Sorry for another question. But my Cosworth YB will not start. As if no fuel or correct ignition. Are there any common ECU setup pitfalls that may prevent the car for starting. Its direct injection ASNU 900cc, with Honda K20 coil on plugs. I have tested the injectors (test function) and I can hear them pulse when each is tested, settings: Saturated, modelled, 900cc. Ignition settings: direct spark, falling, ms, 50us, 1.0ms. Crank 36-1 it timed with timing light to the std 16 BTDC timing with an offset of -56 degrees (so missing pin is approx. 72 degrees BTDC), settings: Multi tooth/Missing, reluctor, crank, 36, 1, I have Trig2 (Cam 1 pin) positioned approximately 90 degrees ATDC so these are just under 180 degrees apart. Settings: reluctor, cam pulse x1. What I don't see here is the ability to specify where in the 720 degrees engine cycle the Cam trigger is detected ?? Is this automatically expected in the first 360 degrees ??? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Think I may have sorted it, ill try again in the morning and post if I'm still stuck
  7. Hi I want to set my trigger 1 offset to -60 deg, as my 36-1 trigger wheel missing pin passes the sensor approx. 60 deg BTDC. I'm trying to check this with a strobe light. However, it only seems to be firing No1 as the missing tooth passes the sensor. Are there setting that need to be set to allow the trigger offset to take effect. thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies.
  9. Clint I have the settings exactly as you show above, and it is on Aux 5 as well. However, in the 'idle speed control' settings I don't seem to be able to get away from stepper motor setting asking for 4 or 6 terminal. ?? Aux5 settings to confirm.
  10. Thanks I'll check it out.
  11. How do you setup for a 2 pin idle speed solenoid on Fury ecu ?? In: ISC Mode I have set to 'open loop Sol/Stepper' however, my only further selection is 'stepper type' 4 or 6 wire. Where is the setup for Solenoid ISC ???? thanks
  12. Ridgey

    Timing strobe question

    Doh...... thanks for the simple answer
  13. Hi I am ready to setup my ecu on my engine. I believe I need to get the timing correct by using a Strobe/Timing light. Thing is I Don't have plug leads ???? i'm running Coil Sticks. How do I go about checking the timing to get the off set correct to bring the timing to the correct point. thanks
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