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  1. Okay so then in the case of the fan, replacing 34 into 19 then cutting the wire and wiring in the fan should be fine. Thanks yet again Brad! If this car ever runs itll be 98% your doing! hahah.
  2. Hello! This will be my first post on the forums. So far Brad Burnett and whoever runs the Link ECU Facebook page have been very very helpful but i still have a few random questions i need answered, plus id like the answers all in one spot so i can refer back to them later. Before i ask; heres a little about the build. 1993 240sx hatch ( click here for a picture ) S2 RB25DET. will soon have an upgraded turbo, id1050x injectors, and tomei poncams. power goal is 350 WHP with a reliable, safe tune and as much low end torque as possible. 300zx G4+ (yes i have read this thread btw) The goal is to have a tablet as a cluster, with rpm, speed, coolant temp, oil pressure, AFR, and boost pressure being displayed. I have several AEM gauges which i will use to input data to the ecu where needed, but id like to sell as many as possible to make back some cash. Question 1: So far this is what i have in terms of wiring/repinning, is this correct? -Swap 19 and 34 as per this thread. -Remove 35 from ecu plug as per this thread. -Connect IAT sensor and ground to pins 27 and 26. -5v out from AEM wideband gauge to pin 29, narrowband sensor wire. Will this need configuring with specification from AEM? -5v out from AEM oil pressure gauge to unknown pin. Guessing id connect it to oem oil pressure wire but not sure exactly. This will need configuring with specification from AEM. The rest (injector and ignition order, etc.) should be taken care of via the .pclr file linked in that thread which i have downloaded already. Q2: How do i go about checking if my connections are correct? Will i damage the ECU if theyre wrong and i give the ECU power? Q3: Is it possible to trigger a 70 amp relay with the ECU to control the fans? I would like for the fans to be closed loop controlled based on coolant temperature. They dont need to change speed or anything crazy, just on/off. If so, which pin would i need to connect the relay to? 19? Q4: For boost control im using an AEM Boost solenoid that was previously paired with a TruBoost, its a mac style solenoid (aem part number 30-2400). To get the ecu to control this, would i just connect the oem boost solenoid wires to it? (pin 25 i believe) Is there special configuration changes i need to make to get it to work? Ill probably have more questions but i just wanted to get all my thoughts out and get some resolution on some of this stuff before i go cutting up my harness and repinning stuff. Thank you very much in advance!!
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