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    Boost Issue

    Hi All, About a year ago I got my car tuned by a garage specialising in Link ECUs. The car is a 2002 Audi S3 and it made 460whp at 28psi on e85. Problem is, the car was dyno'd in 5th gear and driving around the street in second and third I don't get close to 28psi. So I have been playing around with "Boost Gear Wastegate Trim". The figures are set quite high and I'm still only getting around 22psi in second gear and I haven't had a chance to test 3rd gear to red line. The ecu knows what gear the car it is in I have already checked to make sure this isn't the problem. Do these figures seem a little high and potentially point to another problem, or should I just keep increasing them until I get 28psi? Thanks
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