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  1. Hello guys i have a costumer with this "old" ecu that he needs to redo the engine wiring .. He is asking if the 44 can handle a Flex fuel sensor so it can run on different fuels .. Also where do i get the Software for this ecu ? The CAN is the same as the LINK ecu ? teh client want the New AIM dashes installed in his car ? will be supported by th Vipec? Regards .
  2. Hello guys . i have a "small" issue on choosing the proper ecu for this kind of engine. It is a BMW V10 (S85 egnine) with Quad vanos (Exhaust +intake) and Dual DBW throttle motors What it will be the best solutions for me to go with regarding the engine i have ? Regards
  3. As you said you engage faster the gears now , but the engine is still "cut off" lower this value i would start something like 260ms until you see no more cut once you change the gear . Exelixis.
  4. What do you mean the cut gone out of the window ? what type of gearbox do yo have ? I dont think the engagements time is the issue (we use really often sequential gearboxes and had no issue with gear cut or FFS. Maybe you should check again the time you "cut" the engine maybe you need more or less time due to the new clutch ...
  5. It depends on how you will configure the flat foot , Not necessary the 100% tps
  6. Exelixis

    Rev limit

    Hello Magnum what do you need exactly ? Cheers
  7. Hello Adam , on your wiring which is your cylinder "1" ? the PSA engine have for cylinder "1" the 1st piston near Gearbox. Also the OEM crank sensor is a bit "slow" you need to change the arming voltage as well to make it "sync" faster . i can send over a wiring for such engines done lot of them cheers
  8. Just put a simple clutch switch , and use the flat foot option on the software with ign cut you will get those Bang after every gear change
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