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  1. Scott C

    Info about my ECU, and where to find it?

    (see attached) Nissan LongHeader PlugIn Manual.pdf
  2. Scott C

    Need Some Help With COP

    Yes, you can replicate the same method. Delete coil & ignitor but retain crank/cam sensors for triggering.
  3. Scott C

    EGT sensor wire info

    Any k-type 0-5v amplifier would work. Not an endorsement, but just an example I found: http://www.exhaustgas.com/ProductDetail.asp?ProductID=1891&DepartmentID=&CategoryID=&RepID=&BasketID= The signal out from the amp needs to be wired to any available analog input. Choose "EGT 0-5v" for the function.
  4. Scott C

    Question about the jumpers

    It sounds like you're missing a jumper. You should have (1) for the three-pin and (2) for the four-pin. You'll have to source or make a replacement before you can run the ECU. Was this purchased second-hand/used?
  5. Scott C

    Ghibli Setup

    I've been working with a customer in Belgium on the same application, his is a '95. He made an adapter loom that replaces both stock ECU's to run one Storm. If you're interested his name is Tom: http://customimportarts.com/contact/ Running the 1 Tooth per TDC pattern with no issues.