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  1. Can anyone help with how you turn the aux outputs on a monsoon in pc-link as when I go in to them I can't get it to switch from off to on for tacho.
  2. Grant Baker is on the case as that who is going to be doing all the mapping and adding a few more nice features that the Ecu can run.
  3. Hi, I'm based in Sussex and spoke to your company yesterday. Was told Grant will give a call on Wednesday to discuss this.
  4. 36-1 crank pulley, coil on plug, ID1050x injectors, t34/63 turbo. Not plugged the Ecu in yet as thought I needed some form of base map loading on it first. I quit good with a spanner but when it comes to Ecu maps and the electronics side of things I have never go involved with any of it so it's all a new learning curve for me as to where to start and what to do.
  5. Hi, is there a base map available for the cosworth yb engine for the G4+ fury Ecu as I would like to be able to fire the engine up to check everything is ok and no leaks anywhere before booking it in to have it fully mapped.
  6. Looking to buy a tablet to monitor the fury Ecu. What is the best one to go for and spec required ? I think a mini tablet would be better as a full size one is a little big to be able to have mounted on the dash when driving.
  7. Spoke to you a month ago and you took my contact details and said you would work out a price and email me. Still not had the email !
  8. Thank you mark. Will drop you a email in the next few days.
  9. I'm looking for a dealer that can supply and fit a link ecu and loom on a YB Cosworth and convert from cable to drive by wire and fully map the car as a few places I have spoken to said they can fit but not fully map or have not done the DBW conversion so not sure what I need to supply them with. Any local dealers that can do the whole job in house without having to travel the country
  10. I've been told the VW / Audi 1.8t throttle body is the same size and bolt pattern as the original YB Cosworth throttle body so think I will be using one of these so just need to work out which pedal will fit best in a Sierra Cosworth.
  11. I'm looking for info on which E Throttle body and pedal to use on a cosworth YB engine and where to purchase from. will be running on Link G4+ Fury Ecu
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