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  1. So was this a success? Im just looking at hooking up my innovate oil pressure/temp to my pnp supralink on the xs loom. Not much point if it didnt work.
  2. Stower93

    Iat sensor

    Problem has been solved. Thanks all for the replies
  3. Stower93

    Iat sensor

    Comparing it to the stock coolant sensor as it has never been replaced. What should the stock one be calibrated to?? At the moment the iat sensor is set to "delphi ac iat" when i set it to " link ntc12 and iatb-8" the temp drops to around 6 degrees. Could it just possibly be that i have wired the sensor plug around the wrong way or does it not matter which way its wired???
  4. Stower93

    Iat sensor

    So i can obviously use this type of sensor for the iat??
  5. Stower93

    Iat sensor

    Hi all. Having an issue with my intake air temp sensor. Was sent the ntc12 sensor with my supralink g4 and im getting funny temp readings. My ect reads 27 degrees while the iat reads 16 degrees. Just wondering could the wrong sensor cause this? Or have i wired it the wrong way round. And yes i have the right sensor selected. Any ideas??