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  1. Thanks! That is what we will do.
  2. Is it safe to assume the G4+ has the capability to monitor fuel pressure?
  3. TXFlyGuy

    Crank Sensors

    Is it possible to detect a misfire in a given cylinder from the crank shaft sensor? Will the ECU log this data?
  4. We are seeking an expert G4+ Xtreme tuner, in the Cleveland area. Please contact me via pm. Thanks!
  5. TXFlyGuy

    Open Loop Mode

    Part of the problem is our exhaust stack is very short in length of the tubes (think P-51 Mustang Rolls Royce).
  6. TXFlyGuy

    Open Loop Mode

    We have an LS376/480 Chevy with the G4+ Xtreme. As we are burning 100LL fuel (Leaded), we do not have O2 sensors. What is your advice for programming under these circumstances? We will be running this engine from sea level all the way up to over 14,000 feet (Pikes Peak). Thanks!
  7. TXFlyGuy

    Fuel types?

    Thanks! We will look into this.
  8. TXFlyGuy

    Fuel types?

    We will be burning three different fuels...91 octane (91E0), 93 octane (93E10), and 100LL (100 octane leaded avgas). Can the Link be single programmed to burn these three fuel types? Or, does it need to be reprogrammed every time we gas up?
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