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  1. loockheed

    my 15 impreza sti

    Hi guys is there a g4 ecu for this car, thanks
  2. thank you very much for this post , anyone else got anything to add.
  3. Ive just joined devilsown forum I wonder what they will say about this subject …….. if im not too much of a novice ?
  4. obviously im not going to do the tune and competent person will . can you give me the pros and cons of each way as I feel I have a better understanding of it now
  5. Sorry to drag this up again but am I better off running my kit from a separate controller or use my ecu ?
  6. Which kit do you have ? I can get hold of aqua mist or devils own with out a faf . I would imagine that there are preferences .
  7. As a complete novice to this I would like to ask the panel which kit works the best for my link g4 , I will ask my mapper but would like to be fore armed with some good info so I can speak to him with some good understanding of the subject . the ecu is a g4plus on 2.2 cdb stroked to 2.35 Subaru. thanks in advance
  8. thanks adam I have done that , is there anything I can do to stop the motor stalling it seams like its hunting from 300 rpm to 1200 rpm when enrichment has finished . it does this for about 15 to 20 seconds and then stalls .
  9. here is the mixture map screen shot and the fuel table. If this is not what is being asked for please explain in detail what is required and how to download it. I'm struggling with the g4+ operating system, for example how do you download the map ? . forester.pclr
  10. Hi my car has solid lifters (shimless) I'm just struggling with how to find and send the map , the engine is an ej 22 stroked to 2.35 . I only turned on anti lag because it seamed to reset the idle before I changed the manifold and injectors , there doesn't seam to be any air leaks that may cause rough idle again sorry for such simple questions and yes it does seam to be running rich as exhaust reeks of fuel
  11. zipped 3 minute log, attached to this post ecu log3 min.zip
  12. 1 cleared ecu fault - idle returned to near normal 2 tested anti lag - idle reverted to rough 300/400 rpm wanting to stall. 3 check ecu faults, none found log attached to this post, any help and advice is appreciated. Is anyone in the UK, south coast that can teach me how to use the link G4+ ? Thanks Wil ECU Log 2017-10-18 11;39;14 am.llg
  13. Ok so I found fault code an t1 at 5v ! what does this mean? is this causing rough idle and stalling ? thanks Will
  14. thank you very much its late here so ill try in the morning
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