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  1. Firing order 1342 Peugeot 106 gti
  2. Maybe my trigger settings are wrong. I have a reference of 0 tdc and 267deg in my offset. The two teeth missing are bottom dead when engine cilynder 1 and 4 tdc. The sensor is approximately 90 degree atdc. So basically when my cells have 0 in it should be tdc 20 should be 20btdc someone please clear this up
  3. Ok guys iv spent all morning on multi point. 760 injection rate 1 cycle. It starts now and again but something just isn't rite!! Please help. Iv bypassed the efi relay and supplied voltage direct to items fuel pump/injectors/coils.pump on constant?
  4. Thanks Simon. Is this single point group or multi point? And 720 end of injection or start?
  5. I'm not sure! Hopefully moderator can help? Iv been trying to use multi point on 1 cycle but with no luck! I'm looking for correct settings
  6. Hi iv fitted storm ecu to boosted 106 gti. I'm sure it runs batch fire and group injection. It only has crank sensor. Base timing set to 270 offset and 0 ref. Injector 1 and 4 are wired together and so are 2 and 3 from standard. Iv wired no 1 and 4 = inj drive 1 and 2 and 3 = inj drive 2. I'm using multi point group but iv also got it running on single point today. Injection rate is set to 540 but I don't think this is correct. Can someone please help. I know it injects out of faze but how far after?
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