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  1. wajces

    wiring for gauges

    I see, very informative, thank you!
  2. wajces

    wiring for gauges

    I have a link g4+ extreme and am looking to order some defi gauges. The gauges use a control unit where all the sensor wires input to, and then the gauges are daisy chained off the control unit. http://www.defi-shop.com/installation/system_connection/advance/ Instead of sharing sensors or having duplicate sensors, I'm wondering if either I can have the g4+ output this information along the daisy chain, in place of the defi control unit. Or if i do still need the control unit, then I assume I can have the g4+ output the sensor readings into the control unit? Thank you for your help! Wasn't sure how far I can research without having the gauges sitting in my hand ready to wire up
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