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  1. well I loosened and re tightened the gaskets and it seems to have more or less cured it to so I suppose the manifolds coming back of for new gaskets, don't want it happening again. thanks for your help, top man
  2. ok cool, thanks a lot for your help, ill go and have a play. if it comes to it, ill take the mani off again to see what state my gaskets are in. fingers crossed its a pipe somewhere but I kinda doubt it
  3. thanks for the reply cj, its a 2006 dbw ej255, the intake mani and throttle body are as removed so shouldn't be that gasket, haven't took the tgv's out either, only gaskets disturbed are the main intake manifold gaskets. I can hear an odd high pitched sound from one side of the engine so I'm assuming a leak, I get zero errors and have gone through throttle calibration a couple of times. could an intake leak cause such a high rpm though? thanks alot
  4. can anyone shed some light on my idle issue, or the fact my impresa wants to idle at 3500rpm? ive just refitted the engine after new headgaskets went in so I'm hoping its an air leak post throttle body but I'm honestly stumped, I have a little log of it messing about, any suggestions would be appreciated. only things I can see are its reading full lean on the wideband,even tho its revving its self up quite happily, and even setting the throttle plate angle to 0 doesn't stall it which I found kinda strange.i set the rev limit at around 2000rpm to try and save any engine damage so that can be seen in the log too,if it helps. not technically a link issue I know, but I'm stuck idle fault.llg
  5. hi again folks, two questions regarding injector timing maps if anyone can teach me something id be grateful; first question would be what would be a good axis for this map? I'm thinking engine speed for one, and mgp for the other? second question is does injection timing have a big impact on fuel consumption? playing around at idle I found I can reduce my fuel table numbers for the same afr so I guess it would do, just not sure to what extent sorry if its basic stuff I'm still finding my feet a little bit with all the things this ecu can do, any replies always appreciated, cheers, Rich
  6. Cool, thought it looked funky. Thanks for the reply Adam, seems a simple enough fix
  7. ah ok not just me then, any idea if it was Scooby related or just the g4+? ill have a trawl see if I can dig it up, found a fella with a evo 5 with some kind of pump issue but his was actually leaning out up top
  8. just for curiosity I had a play with the settings at idle, mainly by setting a really low medium speed injector duty cycle, and it seems when I request the low pump speed I end up with medium, and vice versa. is this a thing to solve or am I just distracting myself logging too much stuff? little log attached hopefully showing what I'm talking about. thanks peeps fuel pump log.llg
  9. Hello again, quick question for some people more experienced than me, hope its not been covered too many times or a silly question but here goes; ive been slowly getting a tune worked out on my wrx v9 with a g4+, and the fuel pump speeds look odd to me. little snapshot of what happens if I build a little boost with a steady throttle all the way through, it seems like duty cycle would increase with fuel demand, but I may be completely wrong. any help would be great, thanks! (added my actual map to the post,incase it helps) 57.pclr
  10. rich

    knock sensor setup

    thanks buddy, that's what I was using anyways good to know its correct
  11. rich

    knock sensor setup

    can anyone help me out with this, I'm using an ej255 Subaru motor, standard bore and internals, and a bosch wideband knock sensor,and this is on a g4+ ecu. should I be using the 6khz narrowband freq. channel, like the oem sensor, or the 4-10khz wideband sensor option, because of the bosch sensor? I have read the help file and searched around but I'm still abit unsure, any advice would be greatly appreciated as I've tried logging a few options and its not obvious which is producing less noise? thanks a lot, I know its been asked before I'm sure but I'm stuck
  12. rich


    Hi Ross, any chance of a base map to study to suit 2006 wrx w/ej255? cheers
  13. cheers Adam, ill have a play see if i can get some more useful logs. any tips of number of samples required or is it a case of more is always a better indicator? sorry for the basic questions, just so much quicker to ask here than get frustrated and probably end up messing up what ive already got. cheers
  14. rich

    06 wrx g4+ CL Lambda issue

    all sorted but thanks for clarification, i literally just turned the input off for my narrowband so maybe had it set up all kinds of wrong. thanks for the help anyways
  15. thanks for the reply, yeah I found cam timing to be a big player but I have avcs and timing just about dialled in. just after some insight as to which is a more productive way to go, definitely logging and analysis is a given with any change to the map really I find
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