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  1. I will Adam as soon I get a chance, I’ve been working and it’s difficult to find time.
  2. Hi guys can’t connect to the tablet. Everything is setup as instructed but when I select serial port it just stays searching for the ecu. Car is a 2003 evo with a G4+
  3. ok so now the idle is a bit better but tps for some reason doesn't go below .6% when idling. I've done several calibrations and its working but I have no idea whats the issue. Now when I'm coming to a stop, rpms starts going from 1800-2200 or so until it reaches a normal idle and stabilizes. I'm gonna attach the new map since i tuned idle with the idle ignition off first then open loop the closed loop. I'm up to the point that I just don't want to drive the car anymore. Like I said before I'm no expert but tuning an idle for this car shouldn't be so damn complicated :(. I'm gonna leave a mod list since the car is mildly modified. Engine stock crank, manley turbo tuff 156mm rods, diamond custom pistons 9:1 cr S3 cams, kiggly springs, ferrea valves, unported head skunk 2 intake manifold, S90 74mm throttle 1700X ID injectors, dual 450lph pumps one is constant the other is turning on by inj duty cycle -8 feed, -6 return custom exhaust manifold twin scroll with a 6870 5" inter-cooler current map.pclrLog 2019-10-14 11;26;41 am.llgLog 2019-10-14 10;51;34 am.llgLog 2019-10-14 10;35;10 am.llg
  4. Hi Adam here you go sorry about that. current map.pclrLog 2019-10-13 4;22;44 pm.llg
  5. Hi guys I’m having some issues with my evo 8. Everyday I have to change my idle setup. And now after a I’m driving coming to a stop it goes crazy like it’s switching between ignition and ignition idle table. And if I turn the ac on sometimes it dies and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve never seen a car so unstable and inconsistent as far as idle setup goes. I did everything per the manual to setup the open loop idle and close loop. I’m honestly tired of dealing with it and I’m not an expert so I’m asking you guys for some input. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi guys I have an issue with my evo 8 usdm when the car is decelerating and it’s reaching 2500rpms and less it starts bouncing( or stalling) like the injectors are off and on off and on. And I was looking if this ecu had an decel cut off option but I don’t see it. Does it have another name? Or do you use the fuel table in vacuum?
  7. Hi thanks Adam. Just got it fixed somehow my dumba$$ swapped all the 5v in the pressure sensors where the ground is supposed to be.
  8. Hi guys after rebuilding my motor I tried to start the car and the ecu showed crazy errors. 5V supply error. AN temp 1 and 2 above error high value and some others like the on board map reading crazy numbers with the car shut off the tps also reading funny. Car is an 2003 Evo 8 USDM. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  9. So I disconnected my o2 sensor since I’m not using it. But when I place the ignition switch on the off position the engine fan kicks on. And if I want to shut it off is either connect the front o2 again or unplug the fan. What could cause this?
  10. Now it works Adam! I have it setup as GP output and I did a quick test using rpm base condition and it works thanks!
  11. So I couldn’t go to sleep before checking this out haha. Adam indeed it works but when I key off it turns on again like the ecu is sending again a ground signal even with the ignition off. Once I key on it stops. If I do a test on it will turn on like it’s suppose to. Maybe because I have pin 30 and 86 jumped together on the relay and since they are 12v directly from the battery once the ecu shuts down it grounds automatically to car? I’m gonna try like a 12v signal from ignition on only and see if that works
  12. Adam thanks a lot I will do that tomorrow since is 5:23am here in Puerto Rico and I’m gonna get some sleep but I’ll definitely will do that and report back. Thanks a lot!
  13. https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59.2708-21/28966771_10156474522304734_8125044540152217600_n.pclr/WTFrev1.pclr?oh=b35ed75f69a2bd4d48fa7dc228477420&oe=5AAE7A37&dl=1
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