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  1. Hi thanks Adam. Just got it fixed somehow my dumba$$ swapped all the 5v in the pressure sensors where the ground is supposed to be.
  2. Hi guys after rebuilding my motor I tried to start the car and the ecu showed crazy errors. 5V supply error. AN temp 1 and 2 above error high value and some others like the on board map reading crazy numbers with the car shut off the tps also reading funny. Car is an 2003 Evo 8 USDM. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. So I disconnected my o2 sensor since I’m not using it. But when I place the ignition switch on the off position the engine fan kicks on. And if I want to shut it off is either connect the front o2 again or unplug the fan. What could cause this?
  4. Now it works Adam! I have it setup as GP output and I did a quick test using rpm base condition and it works thanks!
  5. So I couldn’t go to sleep before checking this out haha. Adam indeed it works but when I key off it turns on again like the ecu is sending again a ground signal even with the ignition off. Once I key on it stops. If I do a test on it will turn on like it’s suppose to. Maybe because I have pin 30 and 86 jumped together on the relay and since they are 12v directly from the battery once the ecu shuts down it grounds automatically to car? I’m gonna try like a 12v signal from ignition on only and see if that works
  6. Adam thanks a lot I will do that tomorrow since is 5:23am here in Puerto Rico and I’m gonna get some sleep but I’ll definitely will do that and report back. Thanks a lot!
  7. https://cdn.fbsbx.com/v/t59.2708-21/28966771_10156474522304734_8125044540152217600_n.pclr/WTFrev1.pclr?oh=b35ed75f69a2bd4d48fa7dc228477420&oe=5AAE7A37&dl=1
  8. Hi guys new here and new to all this programmable ecu stuff. So I have aux9 as my secondary fuel pump but when I went to test on the relay nothing happens. So I swapped the pins on the relay (85-86) and it clicked but it stopped. And he check engine light came on and it said something about temperature. The car is an Evo 8 2003.
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