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  1. hi everyone, i want to know how to do if cold temperature (around 20 to 60c) idling steady like same temp at 70c to 90c . im not use stepper motor . i already try to adjust + - at map cold start , post start , warmup enrichment and etc . still same .. and sometimes , i need to tapping little throtle pedal to make idle smooth . when temp is around 65c to 90c idle steady around 1.5k rpm . im using high duration camshaft .
  2. hi , honestly im new in tuning world , basically i've done study about link ecu software .. now i have problem about my car . im build a engine with agresive camshaft with dual pattern design . vacuum in intake plenum very weak .. around -20 to 0 kpa in my vacuum gauge apexi .. so , which one should i use for best setup in fuel and ignition load axis ? tps or mgp is better ? my engine is Natural aspirated . by the way , tps load and mgp load give different power gain or not ? i mean , example .. use tps power out 100whp , then if using a map sensor , power output 120whp .. its true or not ? anyone can give me some idea n advice .. thanks
  3. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Uec6UHVkhlg Here , i want to do like this . Anyone can share the setup file ..
  4. Ok sir , anything u share at here .
  5. it must use clutch switch ? or have any trick to do without clutch switch ?
  6. Hi all, I'm still learning to handle this link software, and would like to ask all ... I have a link atom and install in evo 3 , how to make sounds like (flatshift/pop n bang) during gearchanges? can make it without the clutch switch? I've tried using fuel table cell and adjust put large number at top right from 3000 to 8000 rpm and ignition also remove some degree but not to be . Anyone have any idea? Here i attach one picture for example what i do .
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