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  1. Good point....I gave it a start and it settled at 3.7%..
  2. So I just replaced the throttle unit for good measure, took it out and can hear something rattle inside so safe to say it was poked. Was going through the throttle setup, throttle will go to 100% but instead of resting at 0% it sits at 7.3%...what do I do to get this to 0?..I'm a bit lost. I dont want to run the car until throttle is at 0% I guess ?
  3. Had a big weekend of racing at Hampton downs and randomly lost all power 8 mins into an endurance race, eml and check engine light come on. Plugged in the lap top to clear any faults using ivts, still no good, then for the first time ever I actually saw faults come up at the top of the screen ( never knew where or how to find any stored codes etc) Faults codes 69 & 75. Is this any easy remedy and also what could have caused the issue?? I am by no means clued up on the tuning side but I do recall setting up the throttle position stuff when the ecu come back from a repair all be it with the
  4. Thanks for your help Adam, ended up having o download a version 1.5.5 from Jan of this year, seems to be doing the trick!
  5. Thanks, yep..powered off then on. Checked the settings were saved both on iVTS and G4+. I did try on two phones just incase but to no avail...I will try and see if there is app support.
  6. down in the bottom right corner of the screen, I'm assuming it should still register the ecu with the ignition on acc since its registering its a Vipec ecu?
  7. (EDIT)I believe so, i88 for mini r53...been ages since I have plugged into the ecu, (over 18 months) but have a race meeting next weekend so the app might work a treat to have a go with. I did try with out connecting the lap top but looks like the settings need to be changed as you said in your pdf. I did just change the settings as per your pdf but it says that Vipec ecu is not supported?
  8. Is the set up the same when using ivts or not compatable with Vipec ecu?
  9. Ok, I also have no clutch switch or hand brake switch ( had the clutch master out yesterday..it had no switch on it). The car did have race ABS unit which has since been removed before my ownership so will still have the ABS wheel sensors I think from memory.
  10. Just wondering how the launch control function works on the mini, I had seen the setting in the ecu and thought it might be handy in my mini challenge race car...my car has no ABS which means no t/c either. The one main thing I want to know is how does the car know when to go into launch and when not to?
  11. problem solved, thanks to Ross from tech support...magician/wizzard
  12. Plugged in the repaired ecu today, everything's back to normal with the ignition on....but not sure if it's normal because I can't quite remember, the EML light comes on while cranking..ok also the car no longer cranks for long, sounds like it comes to a jaming halt, so plug the laptop in to see if something needs to be cleared, still won't start or crank normally, pluggd in the mini challenge ecu, car starts fine (cant use it tho because e85 etc)
  13. Managed to get a spare original mini challenge DME from BMW NZ that they had laying about (pays to know some people) and plugged it in, fuel pump primed and temp gauge went back to normal..so I'm somewhat pleased it was a fault with the Vi-pec and I don't need to hunt for other issues. Ecu should arrive this morning to Link for testing
  14. thanks mate, will do the form now and send it tomorrow...appreciate your time
  15. oh that sucks a big fat one!, yep will do it now, when do you guys shut down and reopen?
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