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  1. Would I perhaps be better off with the V5 for staged injection? Can the V5 use an optional 3 bar MAP sensor like the Link Plus? Thanks.
  2. Ok cool, thank you Simon. Is there any way to turn on additional injectors with this ECU at higher load?
  3. Hi guys, I have acquired a couple of old Link ECU's in my travels and I'm hoping to use one of them to run a Mazda FE-DOHC engine (+ Turbo) fitted to a 1988 Mazda FC RX7 non road legal, Skid pig. The first ECU is a LinkPlus LPV14 150404 which has a Nissan RB Daughter board fitted, this is the ECU I would like to use. The second ECU is a Link LEM D42V5d 03035 Opto/Hall, this ECU can be a parts donor, it was previously fitted to an MX5 which I believe used the same CAS/Trigger pattern as the FE-DOHC engine. My first question is can I swap the the Daughter boards over between the two ECU's? I would like to do this to achieve sequential injection. My second question is can i use the additional injector outputs to run a second set of injectors - preferably staged? Hopefully I've attached a sample engine pic and a pic of each ECU in question. Thank you, Matt.
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