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  1. Dear Guys, im looking for a moderate tuned Nissan S15 Link G4+ Plugin map. Engine : Stock OEM/HKS Yellow Injector : 555cc Side Feed HKS Intercooler 255 Walbro FP FPR - Set at 3 bars 5 Speed Manual Current Boost : 0.75 Bar Targeting Boost : 1.2 Bar Fuel : RON 95 Climate : 33 deg Celsius average Please kindly PM me and i will make a donation. Thank you.
  2. Hi Brad and Simon, thanks and do you know what is the Injector Scaling for Tomei/Nismo 555cc Yellow Injector? Where is the VE map in located? Lastly, how do i activate the Auto Retard when encounter Knock? Thanks
  3. Thank you so much Brad and why i cant find the VE map and Injector Scaling table in Fueling section?
  4. Hi, just wonder does my Link G4+ Plug In S15 comes with Auto Retard function when encounter knock? 2- Does it have Injector Scaling & VE map? 3- Can some advise/share the Latency Table for Tomei/Nismo 555cc Yellow Injector? Thanks
  5. Lastly, is there VE Table for my Link Plug In ecu and can i use back MAF with my Link ecu? Thanks
  6. Hi Adam, ive finally got the car started. My other question are : 1- Is the based map close loop is presetted OFF? 2- How could i increase/set RPM Limit MAP Limit? Can i set the Map Limit to 100 from 6000 to 8000 RPM? Does it mean after the setting, the Boost will not exceed 100kpa from 6000 to 8500RPM? 3- When Knock occurred, will the ecu auto retard? Which is the Knock Setup should i chose and what is the common and safe for Freq Channel? Should i set the Knock Control off? Blessings
  7. Hi Brad, thanks for your kind advise but ive tried saving the base map into the ecu but it still wont start. Im hope someone could kind enough to email me a preconfigure map which i could start my jdm S15 sr20det engine. Thank you
  8. Dear Kind Forumer, im urgently required a Preconfigured map for my Jdm S15 Sr20Det to get it started. A Million Thank You James
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