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  1. Thanks Adam, what pin need to be wired to +14v to power the ecu ? D2-D3 to +14v and C17-A22 to gnd ? other pin are for powering something, like solenoids,etc right ? there is two Aux7 listed on C15/C16, who is who ?
  2. Hello, i'm currently rewiring my Impreza, i have a WRX7-9 E-throttle Plugin ECU. I have some problems with the pinout in the PClink software, i dont find the power pin for the ecu. Link Help says +14V on E-4 and GND on E-5 The workshop manual says E-4/E-5 is related to TGV. For ecu power pin is from D-2/D-3 for main +12V, D-10 for backup power and a wake up signal from A-14. I think manual is right and Link help have some errors and omissions. I need a correct version of the ecu pinout with everything (like the wiring pinout version in help) Thanks Alex PS: sorry for bad english PS2 : I do not buy the wirein version because at the time of the purchase I did not think to redo the wiring
  3. Hello, i want to remplace my stock tacho with 2 AEM-CD5. I need multiple input to detect activation of turn indicators, headlight, etc. then send the status of the switch by canbus to the CD5. Can I use the Digital input for this purpose ? the signal will be 12V if on, 0V if off. Never used voltage for switch purpose. Thanks
  4. Thanks adam for clarification, it's explain why Aux 10 is not listed in the Auxilliary Ouptut in the software
  5. The info in help files is located in : G4+ ECU Tuning Functions / Electronic Throttle Control. After that is a little mess. I have found the "solution" for me in the Help Browser window in the configuration table of PCLink. Selecting a auxilliary output, PClink throw a list of possible output. For me the ver7-9 unit is capable of controlling EThrottle, because in help file, there is a 2 differents versions 7-9 units : WRXLink (7-9) WRXLink (7-9) With EThrottle The pinouts for expansions connector are not the same and my unit pinout matches the EThrottle version. So I guess my version is capable of Ethrottle control
  6. Thank you Adamw, the help is a bit confusing, but at least it's documented will try when i get the hardware.
  7. After reading in more detail the help of PCLink G4+ Correct me if wrong : Motor (+) - EThrottle Signal 2 - Aux Output 4 Motor (-) - EThrottle Signal 1 - Aux Output 9 or inverted according to polarity of throttle motor
  8. Hello, it is possible to upgrade from Drive by cable thottle to drive by wire throttle on a Link G4+ Plugin WRXLink (7-9) Ecu ? It seems i cannot assign aux 9- to E-throttle (+) or (-) Aux 10 is not listed at all Need to use aux 1-4 for EThrottle Signal 1 and aux 5-9 for Ethrottle Signal 2 ?? Sorry for bad english Thanks Alex
  9. Hello, Need base map for Impreza 2003 EDM STI : EJ207 TD05-18G ID1000 FMIC Realy need ignition timing base Thanks Alex
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