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  1. Hi, I was asking myself if it’s possible to wire an aem wideband gauge to G4+ link extreme using RS-232? The fact is that the aem gauge I have only use 1 wire output signal to efi and the engine ground. So the ground can float as the ECU does not use engine ground to compare with analog input. I think as rs-232 is a bit transfer protocol it may be more reliable and give the ECU better AFR reading. I know that link extreme can be wire to use rs-232 so I do think that it’s doable. Does somebody already tried it?
  2. Hi and thank you again for your help. The bosch 211 I bought was defective and I got a new one. Now car start and run well without timing drift. Time to have fun now!
  3. Ok so my spark edge was wrong. I did base timing again on the car but 2 output was not working so car did not run well. Finally i did wiring it wrong ( without external igniter again) i lowered dwell to 0,4ms and no more timing drift. But how bad this erratic wiing is nefast for the Ecu?
  4. Stupid question, I did wire input to link ign 1 2 3 and 4 and output to coil. Spark edge set to rising edge. Was I wrong or not?
  5. By bosch you mean 0 227 100 211 module I think? I will try to get this one to see
  6. Hi, first of all Merry Christmas to you. Let me thank you twice for your precious help. I did not suspect coil at any time. We are going to order the external ignitor to finish our standalone ECU setup. Do you have a preferred external ignitor or I can take whatever I want? Best Regards Guillaume
  7. Ok If I correctly understand you actually coilpack is wiring wrong and I should add an external ignitor between the ecu and the coilpack. But how did car firing till now? And can this low voltage coil driving cause this delay ( much effort to produce spark maybe?)
  8. Thos signal os the output of the stock ecu. I’m not sure if you understood me. So I still’need an external ignitor?
  9. maybe changing risind edge by falling edge and add 360º to trigger offset?
  10. Thank you for this answer. I assue you are dealing with trigger 2 sync mode and it's already on "cam level". And yes I Do think that it has buil-in-ignitors. I give you a pic of the coil stock signal at idle if it can provide you some information. 5V/div and 1ms/div Ps: Additionnal Info on the coil there is 6 pin +12v and ground and 4 signal.
  11. Here is a picture of the trigger scope.
  12. I forgot to give you a pictures of the coilpack: http://www.migweb.co.uk/gallery/data/509/DSCF0071.JPG
  13. I did one when I was wih the car (he car is in a garage far from my house), I’ll post it tonight
  14. Yes is vauxhall Z20 that I am using. And I am using stock Z20 coil with 1.8 ms dwell at 14v
  15. Hi, I am currently working to mount a G4+ xtreme black ecu on a Z20let engine with stock Crank sensor. But I have lot of timing drift on the car. when I do calibrate with timing locked to 10*, It's ok at 1000 RPM it go to 0* at 2000 RPM -10 at 3000 and so on.. As the sensor is a vr one, I thought about polarity and I tried in both polarity but it does not seems to solve the matter. Do you have some idea of what goes wrong? Best Regards
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