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  1. I can confirm the Bosch 0 258 017 025 was plug and play. I can also confirm that my original sensor was rooted - once changed for a new sensor the lambda reading went back to an acceptable range.
  2. Hi guys, noticed my lambda readings in PCLink made no sense whatsoever, i.e 3.5 at idle! The cars started running super rich based on smell and high fuel usage, so I took it to my tuner to check with his dyno sensor. He was away today, so I just checked with one of the general mechanics and it was sitting at 1.3 lambda at idle, and jumped to 0.7 at 2000rpm. I assumed the sensor was rooted a few days ago, so ordered a Bosch 0 258 017 025. Can anyone confirm if this unit is plug and play with the Link CAN lambda kit? https://www.bosch-motorsport-shop.com.au/lsu-4.9-oxygen-sensor~4260 Also, would the faulty sensor make PCLink show an odd lambda value (see attached photo)?
  3. Hi, I'm currently converting my MY98 WRX from a single coil/leads to individual coils as per the GD onwards WRX/STI. I've purchased some 2.5L based coil packs for the job. Regarding dwell times, would it be suitable to copy either a V9 or V10 (2.5L based motors) base dwell table over to my map?
  4. Got it all up and running tonight, started making good progress on the fuel table...then the ignition started to breakdown new coil pack and plugs ordered.
  5. Thanks cj. No mechanical changes at this point. I had a full fuel system upgrade (ready for a flex tune) just prior to this, but my tuner did a traditional tune on 98 pump fuel before he was alerted to the requirement for modelled when doing a flex tune. I've been watching the HP Academy videos on doing a G4+ Flex Fuel setup, so I think I've got my head around the process software wise - I think this was my tuners biggest issue, not knowing the process for set up of PCLink. Sort of like going from a Windows PC to a Mac.
  6. Thank you for the replies everyone. I'll let him know to use the Monsoon base map, as i just checked and it is modelled to start with. The V3/V4 base map is traditional. I also have a set of ID1050X injectors, so all the info is available from Injector Dynamics, and I'm confident my base fuel rail pressure is 300KPA. I spoke with my tuner yesterday and realised a few problems, and why I thought he was having issues. First off, he was trying to start the base tune (pump 98 fuel) on modelled multi, I'm sure this would have caused issues in itself having the extra tables available, as well as the blend ratio tables suddenly active (please let me know if this is wrong, as this is my interpretation); he also wasn't aware that it was now a VE based tune. As soon as I told him you need to start with a full tune on modelled prior to going to multi, and that it is VE based, it made a lot more sense to him. I'm sure it will be a piece of cake with that info! With the boost, ignition and AFR tables from the traditional tune, can these be carried over? This is more for my knowledge.
  7. Hi, I'm in the process of getting a flex fuel tune completed, but my tuner is new to Link. He had done a complete tune on Traditional for pump fuel (instead of modelled), but said he had trouble starting the car when switching to the modelled equation once we knew it was required. I've been researching a lot the last few days to help, and realise the importance of adding in the injector data before firing and knowing the tune will now be VE based. With the fuel table that is "left over" from the traditional tune, is there some generic multiplier you can use across the whole table to get started for modelled tuning, or can you leave it the same to start? It's a V3-4 ecu / WRX.
  8. With that being said, is it worth inputting the data, or leaving all cells at 0 ?
  9. I'm trying to input the ID1050x values from the downloadable spreadsheet into the PClink Injector Short Pulse Width Adder table, but the values wont change to my input. For example, -0.0131 changes to -0.128. This can be significantly different for other values. This is occurring whether I type in the value, or copy and paste it. Am I doing something incorrectly? Spreadsheet provided by Injector Dynamics 0.000 0.125 0.250 0.375 0.500 0.625 0.750 0.875 1.000 1.125 1.250 1.375 1.500 1.625 1.750 1.875 2.000 2.125 2.250 2.375 2.500 2.625 2.750 2.875 3.000 3.125 3.250 3.375 3.500 3.625 3.750 3.875 4.000 0.0000 -0.0131 -0.1191 -0.1192 -0.0966 -0.0951 -0.0997 -0.0969 -0.0869 -0.0719 -0.0653 -0.0622 -0.0468 -0.0379 -0.0323 -0.0299 -0.0223 -0.0169 -0.0122 -0.0133 -0.0128 -0.0076 -0.0050 -0.0059 -0.0048 -0.0008 0.0002 0.0006 0.0002 0.0010 0.0009 0.0000 0.0000 PCLink values that appear instead. (in the same order as above) 0 -0.0128 -0.1184 -0.12 -0.096 -0.0944 -0.0992 -0.0976 -0.0864 -0.072 -0.0656 -0.0624 -0.0464 -0.0384 -0.032 -0.0304 -0.0224 -0.0176 -0.0128 -0.0128 -0.0128 -0.008 -0.0048 -0.0064 -0.0048 -0.0016 0 0 0 0.0016 0.0016 0 0
  10. I didn't do the store config, had no idea
  11. I changed the values to 260kPa, and did some logging tonight and hit the 245kPa soft cut again. Is there something I must do once I change the values as noted above? I haven't had a chance to check the MAF IAT situation yet. MAF is definitely maxing out though, hitting 4.8V now. Also, what could cause the chugging around 3:26min mark? Tom Log 2018-09-30 6;55;18 pm.llg
  12. I'm going to look to upgrade my MAP sensor in the near future. My current tune is still utilising the stock MAF until I can get a better MAP sensor and go solely with that. As my MAF is still running as per factory I assume its still wired up with the sensor, but I didn't complete the wiring work on the newer sensor within the top mount so I can't really confirm. How can I change the MAP Limit for the time being?
  13. I've got a Delphi style open element sensor. I did have a CEL recently (refer to the photo attached), but after clearing the code it hasn't returned. Is this related? I didn't tune this car myself, so I'm only just figuring out how to log and read the info.
  14. HI, thanks for the response! I'm running a built 2.1 stroker motor, so the boost is ok Was aiming for higher, but my turbo is struggling for any more (during tuning). Could be time for a new MAP sensor and some increased limits? My car is running the original Subaru MAP sensor from 1998! I've got the Link temperature sensor kit installed, but only 1 sensor is currently wired in, the other is just taped into the cooler. Its at the front left of the top mount intercooler (turbo side of engine). Do you think I should be using the other sensor that is installed on the opposite side at the back of the cooler?
  15. I've been experiencing some form of cut in 3-5 gears in the last 3-4 months, and had just put it down to colder weather and some form of boost cut. I did a log tonight where it hit the cut in third at WOT, and from what I can see on the log it is going over the MAP limit. I was wondering if someone can confirm what I am thinking, and that an overboost cut is what is occurring? I've coloured in the file where I believe it happened based on PCLink (7:01 min mark). The Dropbox link has the files attached exported to Excel. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nzm145fkn5riqn5/AAC9azFLmFIA-uzDe8ukrBFza?dl=0 Log 2018-09-23 6;16;22 pm.llg I think this is my current map if that helps. EVO98 MAP.pclr
  16. I ended up getting some 14V info from the injector supplier that got the tuner started and going. He called me today everything was going perfectly, he was about to go for a power run, but before he made it the car made a slight pop and boosted really quickly. Said its running lean now and it won't boost properly...almost like antilag. He said its almost like a fuel or boost cut. Any ideas? We are thinking Airflow meter or injectors.
  17. Thanks for the info, I will pass it on tomorrow. I think he thought they were after market injectors, and may have told Link the same. Could be what they requested it? I told him today what they were out of as previously I had just told him 480-500cc injectors. Only info he's given me is he's got it to start and it's running very rich.
  18. Hi, I've got a Link G4+ WRXLink V3/V4 and my tuner is new to this ECU and software. He is having trouble with the upgraded injectors I supplied for the upgrade. Car is a 98 GC8 with an EJ20G. Injectors are out of a EJ20K and are P1 480cc (OR15 Part number). Does anyone know the injector latencys for these 480cc units? Currently my car tuning is at a stand still as he has contacted Link and they have asked for the lag times/latency of these injectors. Tom
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