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  1. I now have my Subaru E=throttle up and running, but I am having serious trouble setting up my Bosch HDP5 high pressure pump. I manufactured my own 3 lobe drive cam having a 5mm stroke to a Bosch pattern. Any suggestions for starting settings would be most welcome. Currently I have next to zero common rail pressure showing. I have attached a base map and log file for reference. GDI basemap.pclr GDI log.llg
  2. Many thanks Steve. I did in fact have the +5V and TP sub crossed.....whoops! Now the throttle plate moves but I still can't calibrate the TPS's. Error signal 4 shows TP main only registers 89% throttle with the plate wide open and TP sub is similar.
  3. Hi Guys. I have a prototype engine of my own design and I'm using the E-throttle from a Subaru WRX. The throttle plate slams open and shut ok, but I cannot seem to calibrate the TPS. On runtime the TPS main shows 3.13V and the sub reads 2.99V. When I try to calibrate the error code 5 (movement zero) comes up because the throttle plate doesn't move. When I turn on the ignition the throttle opens wide to 100%. Any thoughts please? paul file3.pclr
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