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  1. fordfreak

    Honda 3.5 V6

    One orange wire goes to the ECU and the other orange goes the other way to the engine hardness plug.
  2. fordfreak

    Honda 3.5 V6

    One end goes to "Drive A" on the ECU. I'll check the engine side when I get home. Thank you
  3. fordfreak

    Honda 3.5 V6

    I have a G1 here and orange wires coming from Drive A. I know it's for the VTEC but I was told it needed to be connected to a relay? How do I connect this to the relay and the VTEC solenoid? Here's a photo of the little harness that comes off the ECU. It's the two orange wires with the VTEC tag wrapped around it. One has a small tag with "87" on it, I assume that's for that side of the relay? But what about the other wire? Thank you much for any help.
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