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  1. Hi all, Quick question on this, I am new to mapping etc and will be getting my car professionally remapped on a dyno when the time comes to fire up my project engine. My question is this, if I bolted on a smaller turbo to get the car mapped and it uses a MAF for the airflow, if I bolted on a larger turbo or turned the boost up slightly would the mapping scale up correctly - eg the MAF would show a higher airflow and therefore use a different part of the map? Just working out the most efficient way to remap the car in terms of reducing mapping time - do I go with the final engine setup or will it be ok to start with a smaller turbo for initial mapping - eg would the fuel and air tables scale up? Kinda hard to explain what I mean!
  2. Basemap?

    Hi all, Just plugged in my Link Xtreme to get it unlocked, just looking for a basemap, checked the various maps etc on PC link but there isn't anything for a Toyota 1zz, would be great if I could get the car fired up on a basemap so I can check everything is up and running. Thanks in advance!
  3. Unable to connect?

    Yep that's the one! User error as usual! ECU is all connected and unlocked, just need to find a basemap etc.
  4. Unable to connect?

    Hmm I will check that - didn't think I could plug the same USB cable into either, can't see any marking on the ports so will just try the other port and see if that works - thank for the help!
  5. Unable to connect?

    Hi all, I have my new Link Xtreme and a plug and play harness to fit to my MR2, plugged it all in, connected the USB cable etc, turned the key on and a blue light comes on the ECU. I have downloaded the latest version of PC link and the drivers etc installed but the software can't seem to find the ECU for me to be able to unlock it etc. I have tried using a window 10 laptop - plugged into COM1 and set the system to auto - can't find the ECU I then plugged into a windows 10 tablet - plugged into the only COM port (COM1) and it still can't find the ECU Am I doing something wrong? I have cycled the key a fair few times, I get the light on the ECU but I guess nothing is connecting up with the laptop/tablet - I have the drivers installed etc so I am a bit of a loss
  6. Can I adjust speedo?

    I will need to see if that is even possible with the car - its an MR2 ZZW30.
  7. Can I adjust speedo?

    Perfect, will go into the PC link software later and have a look, with my current wheels and tyres the speedo is fine, however once I start running another 200% more power over stock I might need to look at wider tyres!
  8. Can I adjust speedo?

    That's great, thank you! I haven't yet gone into the PC link software, basically just looking to plug it in so I can unlock it etc, the ECU is being wired into a mk3 MR2, I believe its running partly as a piggyback to retain some of the stock controls but the speedo is driven electronically so it seems I should be able to adjust it. Is it a case of simply putting in a correction figure?
  9. Can I adjust speedo?

    Hi all, I will be plugging my Link Xtreme into the car over the weekend, I was just wondering if there was a setting where I am able to adjust the speedo ratio so that I can run different wheels/tyres, the car doesn't have the most common tyres so it means that the alternatives aren't the best - if I am able to adjust the speedo ratio within the Link I would then be able to run any wheel and tyre combo I want. Thanks in advance!
  10. Which ECU should I go with?

    Just an FYI for anyone reading this thread, I have gone for the Link Xtreme ECU which also has the added benefit of traction control - meaning I won't need to buy a racelogic setup so the upgraded ECU is actually saving me money!
  11. Which ECU should I go with?

    Thanks again for the help, I think I might look to run the G4+ Storm ECU as it gives me knock protection - will download the software to see what its like - won't be something I would need to really adjust that much but might do if I swap out injectors or change other things on the engine setup.
  12. Which ECU should I go with?

    Thanks for all the help on this, looks like I should aim for the G4+ Storm as my ECU, I know that the 'autotune' function won't give me the optimised map via road tuning - will be going to a Dyno to get the car mapped from the basic 'sample map' - its more about any fine tweaks needed after logging more data and to be able to have fueling adjusted if I change something such as the exhaust in the future. How user friendly is the PC link software? Also, is there an option to run a 'torque limit' on the map? I know this can be mapped in whilst on the dyno but wanted to see if there was an option for the ECU to pull timing (as an example) if the calculated load or another parameter is met - although my gearbox will be upgraded it will still be the weaker link in the chain. I know its a bit cheeky to ask but how does the AEM EMS4 compare to the Storm as an example? The Storm is about 40% more expensive vs the AEM EMS4 and that doesn't include the additional MAP sensor I am going to need etc.
  13. Which ECU should I go with?

    Thanks for the info, seems odd that the more expensive Storm doesn't have an on board MAP sensor though but looking at the extreme range and up its only the cheaper Monsoon that has it. Am I correct to say that both the Monsoon and Storm are able to autotune via the software etc? Am I also correct to say that they all come with a basemap or is this something I would need to spec when ordering the ECU?
  14. Which ECU should I go with?

    Hi there, I am currently looking at the Link range of ECUs, I have a mk3 MR2 with the 1zz but will be going for a fully built boosted setup. I will need to have input for a wideband and would also be looking to run meth injection at some point in the future. I am not sure if I should go with the Monsoon or the Storm - can anyone help me with this? The car has a MAF sensor so would also need a MAP sensor, I think I saw that the Monsoon had an inbuilt sensor whereas the Storm doesn't? Do either of them have any sort of traction control/boost by gear or 2 step etc? Can someone let me know the differences between the 2 models and which one might be best suited to my goals - the engine has VVTi which would need to be controlled which I think is why the Atom won't be of use, I know there are MR2Link ECUs which are plugin however they are for the Mk2 MR2 rather than the Mk3 that I have. Other options I am looking at is the AEM EM4 and currently have a Apexi PFC which I can use as well (although its not ideal due to the fact its now fairly old). Thanks in advance!