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  1. M1tch

    Logging automatically at a certain temp?

    Ah, thank you for that, I will check out the software later for the filters etc - although might be an issue if its already taken 1000 samples by the time the engine is up to temp. Will look into the virtual aux option though as that seems to make sense to use.
  2. Hi all, I have been gradually refining the map on my car with road tuning and logging, then using the mixture map to find cells that need a slight tweak - most are now within 0.2 AFR or less of the target AFR which is great. My question is around being able to automatically start logging when a certain parameter is met, I can see that I can set the logging to start at a certain throttle input/MAP value etc etc however I can't see how I can start the mapping with ECT. At the moment I am manually starting the logging once the engine is up to temp where there isn't any fuel adjustments taking place for cold start (with CLL off), I could set it to start logging once the engine sees a certain vacuum on light throttle however I usually want to capture all of the data from idle for a whole drive rather than just parts of the map. I see that with quick tune there is an ECT lockout so that it can't adjust fueling when the engine is cold - trying to replicate this with the normal logging. I also notice that each cell seems to have a maximum of 1000 samples - is there any way of increasing this or should I reduce the sampling rate? I have set the sampling rate quite high as there are some cells that I wanted to capture data for but aren't often in the cells - such as WOT. Thanks in advance!
  3. M1tch

    VVTi - link to TP% or MAP?

    I agree with the MAF being a better option, however the stock MAF is too restrictive for the airflow I am planning and running a MAP sensor tidies everything up.
  4. M1tch

    VVTi - link to TP% or MAP?

    Thanks for that, yeah it seems to work fine at the moment, might look to swap it to the MAP as the load axis - they are probably quite similar as 100% throttle would be max load, I guess its the part throttle bits as you mention might be a bit different. I will look at other VVTi maps in the basemaps and see if there are any which are known safe settings but use the MAP rather than TP.
  5. Hi all, I have recently copied over the table for VVTi from the WRX V10 basemap as suggested, the table is linked to throttle position rather than load via the MAP KPa. Should I look to link to to the engine load or keep it linked to throttle position? The engine in question is a Toyota 1zz running NA, happy with the fueling and ignition at the moment but just want to make sure the VVTi is working as best as it can safely. Thanks in advance!
  6. M1tch

    Can't connect via usb to ecu.

    I was about to say, I put the USB cable on my Xtreme into the CAN port rather than the COM port - its the same connector, although not sure if its the same setup on some of the plug and play ECUs.
  7. M1tch

    Rich AFR causing knock? Issue with knock setup?

    Many thanks, I have copied over the Monsoon ignition table into my current map, turned knock control off, I have also noticed that there is a setting that seemed to be advancing the ignition timing when the engine was cold/warming up - its retarding the timing top end which is correct but have zeroed out the timing advance when cold. I have kept the VVTi table as it is - there are some tuned valued in there from the file sent over from the engine it was tuned on. Next on the list to sort is the temperature gauge - its out by around 8 degrees C and also the speed source, will be looking to use an ABS sensor to get the direct signal (although its a 48 tooth ring) - DI1 speed source is already in MPH but I can't seem to be able to use it. I have set the calibration to 1.6 as there are around 1.6 km in 1 mile (the speed source arrives from the ABS ECU as 1hz = 1mph - rather than the frequency of the actual ABS ring). Looks like I will have to get the actual sensor data from the ABS ECU to be able to use traction control though.
  8. M1tch

    Rich AFR causing knock? Issue with knock setup?

    Thank you, I am running high octane fuel as well which is why I was wondering why it was showing knock at quite retarded ignition timing, think it might be a false positive - I was thinking mid to high 20s would be about right for ignition advance as you mention - will turn the knock control off until I swap out to a better sensor and start to look at running boost. Should I update the VVTi table as well or just see how the monsoon ignition map runs first? I know the VVTi table isn't something you want to mess with etc. Thanks again for your help on this!
  9. M1tch

    Rich AFR causing knock? Issue with knock setup?

    Its an NA engine, I will be turboing the new engine (fully forged) at some point but will initially also be run as an NA - will be going to a tuner when I do go turbo on the engine though. Just looking to get a solid map running on the car that might not be 100% fully maximising the engine but will still be a step up from the OEM ECU.
  10. M1tch

    Rich AFR causing knock? Issue with knock setup?

    I am guessing there isn't a way to road tune the car using the narrowband knock sensor to get in the ball park? I know it won't be perfect without a dyno and better equipment but was able to get a rough idea where the limits were on the stock knock sensor and the PFC. The fueling is pretty much there now with the majority of cells being within a small margin of error vs the AFR table. I am tempted to copy over some of the tables from the basemaps for the ignition and VVTi - at least I know those values would be safer? I noticed that on the 350z map the ignition timing at the top end at full vacuum is at around 22 degrees whereas I have retarded my map back to around 10 at the top end - have I retarded the map too far? It's about the same on the Monsoon basemap, I am happy with my fueling table as well as idle, cold start etc even without closed loop enabled at the moment, should I: Copy the ignition table from the Monsoon basemap Copy the VVTi inlet table from the Storm black basemap or 350z basemap I will be getting a decent Bosch doughnut knock sensor - issue being is that its impossible to get to at the back of the engine, will be swapping it out when I put in the new engine - the current engine is simply a test bed as its high mileage so not too concerned if something happens as its a learning platform for me to get the Link all setup ready for the new engine. Is the knock logged if the knock control is turned off btw? Really sorry for all the questions, I know there was a marked step up in drivability between the stock ECU and the Power FC when tuned, currently the Link feels like its holding back a bit and I know its probably around ignition looking at the PFC map I have. I think my issue is slightly compounded by the fact that the engine is high mileage as well as the gearbox so there would be additional noises and resonance going through the engine which doesn't help!
  11. Hi all, Currently doing some road tuning with my Link, I seem to keep coming up with an issue where the knock control keeps coming on and pulling timing, I have a feeling it might be a false positive as it coming on at sometimes only 10 degrees advance and I have pulled a lot of timing out of my map. I have attached a log of the last logged run, knock control is set to 7khz as I believe the 79mm bore knocks at 7.3khz, my MAP sensor is reading full vacuum in the high 90s on WOT - on WOT the fueling seemed to drop to around 10.5:1 however I am unable to tune these cells as the knock control was active so it doesn't seem to log it on the mixture map. Is there an issue with my knock protection settings? Does running rich trigger the knock control? Please also note that the speed isn't reading correctly and the coolant temp is around 7c too cold vs the sensor reading. Basically just need a hand trying to see if I am getting a false positive on the knock readings as I really don't think the engine is knocking - previous tune on the PFC has ignition advance at around 32 degrees with very little knock. Initial new basemap.pclr Log 2018-08-1 6;09;39 pm knock on.llg
  12. M1tch

    Installing monsoon into 13b pp help

    Do you know if there is anywhere I can view the help file offline? I sometimes want to check something during lunch at work but can't as I don't have PClink on my PC etc, I do however agree that its very helpful.
  13. M1tch


    I have now gone back into the initial map before adjusting by 10% and now simply pulled back timing on any of the highly advanced cells - pulling cells with say 35 degrees advance to 25, those with 30 degrees to 20 etc which will be less aggressive but should combat knock so I can get the fueling right, I can then adjust the timing more advanced once thats setup. I also need to go through to the knock setup again and adjust the gains per cylinder - I just have the 1 sensor and it might be close to some cylinder than others. I am also going to grab the AFR table from the Monsoon sample map as a base as well - tempted to almost start again with the fueling and timing by dropping in the maps from the monsoon sample map and a 350z timing map and seeing how that performs. Just looking into the speed sensor, it seems that looking at the logs the DI1 hz is exactly the same as the speed eg 60mph = 60hz, using the help file with regards to speedo calibration the ABS ring has 48 teeth, rear wheel diameter is 600mm eg 0.6m, this means I need to input 2546 as the calibration figure - max is 500. I have just set it to 1 and will see if that works correctly as 1hz = 1 mph.
  14. M1tch


    Just been out again, managed to get a partial throttle pull to higher RPMs to get a few cells worth of fueling on the mixture map, seems to still be triggering knock control - do I have an issue with my setup meaning I am getting false positives? I am unable to upload the log file as its apparently too big at 2.3mb and I can't seem to be able to reduce the file size enough to be able to upload it on here I have taken a screenshot of part of the log, it shows that knock control is enabled with the knock value being well under 200 vs the 600 threshold, I have also attached the current map with a few fueling adjustments and 10% timing taken out of it but its still activating knock control. I have also taken another screenshot of the knock control active with very minimal timing advance - map sensor is showing full vacuum though even at 70% throttle. What else should I try? Shall I pull additional timing from the map and try it again - perhaps a max of 25 degrees advanced? Although knock control is active at just 10 degrees ignition. Maybe I am still getting false positives with the knock control setup - I have set it at 7KHz narrowband - should I perhaps set it to 8khz? I have also just noticed that there is an error value set on the MAP sensor of 80KPa - I am higher than this so perhaps its detecting an error? MAP sensor is correctly setup to be between 0.5v and 4.5v and between 0Kpa and 516Kpa (75 psi). 280718 10% less timing initial adjust.pclr
  15. M1tch


    I have just got back from some logging, I can't get any logging on the mixture map above 4k rpm it seems, just checking the initial log it seems that the knock threshold has been reached and I am guessing its not going to log anything in the mixture map if the knock control is working? Looking at the initial log it seems that at 4k rpm I am at 99Kpa on the MAP sensor with 11 degrees ignition advance which really doesn't seem that much for it to knock considering it increases to 25 degrees advance if it wasn't at WOT and at say 80 KPa. Checking the logs and the knock status it seems to show that the knock control is active at 1.8k rpm and 52KPa at 10% throttle - looks like it was at around 29 degrees advanced which might be why but the knock level at that point is only 80 (with a threshold of 600). The knock control is also active until 5k rpm but then locks out due to high RPM - should I look to reduce the RPM lockout on the knock control or is it a case that it doesn't really work at the higher RPMs? I think the next steps for the map is to pull timing out of the map and then check the knock readings on the next logged run - will then be able to get the fueling sorted on the mixture map (if it is indeed the knock control that is stopping things getting logged) and I can then advance the timing again once the fueling is happy. The MAP sensor seems to be correctly configured so as far as I know the data is correct, wheel speed isn't correct and I am unsure how to fix that. I can't seem to be able to upload the logs as they are around 4mb each - will look to reduce timing by 10% across the whole map and use that as a starting point and see what that does, once I get the fueling sorted I can then start sorting ignition etc. 280718 initial road map 5.pclr