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  1. Mr Adam..... All VVT problem settle.... Thank You for Teaching me so hard ...... I'm Appreciate..... A really gd lesson for me...... Have a good days....
  2. Mr Adam is the Absolute VVT position didnt show any things went turn off the CAM test function?
  3. Mr Adam done for the Try PLC file... But the Cam Angel totally no respond... Pls check Below TRY THIS.llg
  4. Mr Adam I done by follow yr instruction.... Log File below... Sry For Late Reply..... NEW VVT.pclr Daihatsu VVTi.llg
  5. Ok Mr Adam.... Sry for late replay.... Workshop busy.... I will upload shortly..... thanks Mr Adam
  6. Yeah Done Mr Adam your data here.... But why didn't show RH DATA but follow yr setting my car keep on shaking and unstable idling....
  7. Trigger done.... Log file Below pls check up Mr Adam DAihatsu 24-1 Hall Setting.llg Daihatsu Relator setting.llg Daihatsu EJ Crank teeth.pclr
  8. Ok Mr Adam I will Follow your step.... pls c picture below is that match yr formula? Silver Trigger The black coloured will be cutting off.... Steel Color trigger is original
  9. Yes Mr Adam but Specified Value 3-6V (AC) I hv try to use Optical Setting engine not stable.... Turn back to Hall Sensor type engine stable... How was ur suggestion Mr Adam
  10. Mr Adam.... my Engine Manual show this Oscillosscope is VR Or Hall sensor?
  11. Okey... I’m sorry I do once more.... didn’t sell the word of Hall Sensor...
  12. I was just follow the Manual Instruction.... before the RPM not stable and can’t hang up High RPM new wheel do...
  13. Done..... My new Trigger Wheel It is Consider 24/2 Or 24/1?
  14. MR.ADAM I'm appreciate that u giving me a big hand here... now i trying to modified my Trigger to Link recommend first... the second picture of my trigger spocket are wrong and not recommend by Link.... I will came back to you shortly Mr Adam..... and that i got one more question ISC like subaru 3 wire tyre the PMW wire should be wire in DI 1 And Set For ISC SOL.Slave? than VVti Solenoid wire to DI2 and AUX two is that Works?
  15. Link Monsoon Is Limited AUX And Digital In/out put.... May the air conditional need to be rewiring to stand alone and not allow control by Monsoon just plug in an air cond signal for control ISC valve ....
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