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  1. Do I need to wire ign 1-4 to the respective cylinders? Like: ign 1 to cylinder #1 Ign 2 to cylinder #2 Ign 2 to cylinder #3 Ign 2 to cylinder #4
  2. Hey guys, I decided to swap my intake manifold from a sti V6 to a V7 to get ride of the ISC stepper and also I removed the coil pack to use Direct Spark. What would be the best approach to wire the coils? Use the loom Ignition Drive 7 and 8 + the current Ignition Drive 1 and 2. Or Could I use Aux 7 and 8 for the coil since I'm not going to use it anymore? Or better rewire the Engine Fan to use Ignition Drive 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the coils and move Aux 7 and 8 for the fans? Any other tip or advice on that?
  3. Thanks @Adamw for the clarification. The option 1 worked, but it was not bright as I was expecting. So, I guess the option 2 will be more suitable since I don't wanna re-wire anything else. Could you please guide me about the pull up resistor? I just need to add a resistor on the ECU side to transform the 6 to 12v right? What would be the best value for the resistor? (tried to find it here but no success) Thanks!
  4. I added a Led warning light for water temp and oil pressure but looks like the ground is “leaking”. Even when the aux is off the led stay on (but not at full power/light). To wire the Led, the positive is wired on a random 12v and the negative to the link, loom Ign7 and Ign8. I tested the led before using the 12v wire and grounding it at the chassi and worked fine. Am I doing something wrong? Subaru 99 Type RA.pclr
  5. In my case (WRX 5-6) my factory knock has only one wire and the new bosh knock sensor has 2. Should I rewire the bosh knock sensor to the extension loom to have the signal + ground or can I just use the factory connector plugging it to any pin or the new knock sensor?
  6. Also, what would be the correct model for the Bosch sensor? Will this one be the correct for a Subaru (EJ20)? Bosch 65018
  7. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice about drive the car to the shop to get a tune. First I need to drive 7km only using the downpipe to get my exhaust finished. Later more 35km to the shop to get a tune. Not sure if it will be safe and don't wanna take the risk. The mods that I have is: - Catless downpipe - IAG AOS Competition - Mac 3 ports boost solenoid - Aftermarket air filter - 3bar link map Did a log and drove back and forward inside the garage and sometimes the AFR looks hi. Could it bring me problems if I drive slow and not boosting? Also after touch the throttle the idle status shows (Hold - RPM Lockout) and the RPM stay around 1500. I tried to solve it but I'm not too confident to do it myself and think will be not a problem drive like that right? Subaru TypeRA V6.pclr Log 2018-10-22 5;23;44 pm.llg
  8. 1. Take a look at the log. I tried to figure out but no success. Log 2018-01-12 12;18;27 am.llg 3. Lambda Problem I wired it wrong, just changed to the correct AN input and started to work.
  9. 1. I tried to play with the fan (2 and 3) configuration but without success. 3. I tried to change the AEM ground from body to a random black wire from under the dash but no success to read values too. Thinking about getting a direct wire from the engine block, should I try it? My AEM model is 30-4110. Will post an updated log and configuration today late. Thanks guys!
  10. Hey guys, just installed a G4+ on a stock Subaru 2000 Sti Type RA and I'm having some problem. I'm not a professional but know the basic things and wanna learn deeply about that. 1 - My Engine Fan 2 is always on. When I turn the key to on position it's turned on too. 2 - When I start the engine (hot) the idle stay at 900 rpm but if I depress the accelerator it's going to 1500 and stay around this value. 3 - Looks like my wideband O2 sensor is not working properly. I can not see the values changing and the Log shows it always at 0.686. I guess something is wrong with that. I'm using an AEM and used this post as reference to configure: My AEM ground is on the body, not sure if is that the problem. Would be better plug it on the GND on XL Loom? Log 2018-01-6 2_03_54 am.llg Subaru TypeRA V6.pclr
  11. Hi Dean, I received my link ecu yesterday and will put it on an Impreza Sti 2000 too. I'm planning to add the IAT in one of this 2 location. Talked with some guys and they are using in that way on the oem sti IC. They drilled a hole and added threads. Will do the same, I think that will be better than weld something. Will try to attempt the first start after Christmas.
  12. Hi Cameron, just got a G4 and will install it on a GC8 Sti with the TMIC. Did you drill and created threads for the IAT or weld? I'm planning to add threads but not sure if will be possible. Thanks
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