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  1. Ok thanks Adam, external is all could come up with as well, are you able to add something like the following to the development wish list to solve problems like this: The ability to read and write values to memory that can be at least used by the virtual aux outputs
  2. Hi Adam, i am bringing in vehicle height via an analog in no problem, but need to also determine whether the vehicle is rising or falling at any instant, to determine an appropriate ecu action.
  3. I need to determine whether a input value is rising or falling to distingiush between two very different actions, to do this i need to compare the current input reading with a previous reading, is there a way to achieve this?
  4. banaro

    recorded Wgate DC%

    Hi Adam, thanks for your reply, i was trying to make sure my understanding is not where the problem is to start with. Have worked through the recordings now and understand how base DC% is applied in both dc mode 2 and 2-3. Because i am boost controlling a 4000cfm belt driven supercharger using 2 large valves, i do not have control over the drive source like a turbosetup, so the issue is that i have to control a larger volume of compressed air than normal. Seems that the volume of pressurised air in the pipework and aftercooler takes time to increase or bleed off that volume of air. Therefore i need to track the target closely or it takes too long to reaquire the target even if i allow large boost solinoid DC swings. So i think the issues are mine. Thanks
  5. banaro

    recorded Wgate DC%

    WGate DC is not necisarily the addition of the wastegate table DC + D + I + P, when in stage 3 operation in Base DC Mode stage 2, what else is influencing it?
  6. banaro

    recorded Wgate DC%

    can you expand over the help on how base DC, is applied during stage 2 mode, and stage 2-3 mode
  7. banaro

    recorded Wgate DC%

    Is recorded WGate DC% the final % applied to the boost solinoid output?, i have different boost outcomes when using "base mode dc mode" stage 2, or 2-3, when the same WGate DC% is recorded
  8. banaro

    wastegate table axis

    Can i swap the boost target and rpm x and y axis around to take advantage of the additional length of the x axis, instructions say rpm must be x?, but i am not so sure Clarification, i am talking about the wastegate %DC active table
  9. banaro

    Mechanical TP main plus E Throttle 2?

    Thanks Gents, yes was looking at using a waste gate, but it is unclear whether it would have a wide enough adjustment pressure range for this application, i need to be able to program and control the boost level (8 to 35psi) all the way through the rpm and load range. The supercharger is intentionally oversized to allow for a percentage vent at all times. Any thoughts on wastegate and other control methods in this situation would be appreciated Regards
  10. banaro

    Mechanical TP main plus E Throttle 2?

    Firstly I was trying to determine whether a thunder will allow TP main to be mechanical for normal engine TB, then only E Throttle2 turned on and configured for a second TB. I was vaige about the reason, but if the above is true, i would give additional thought to determining whether the E Throttle controlled TB could be vented, and used for open loop boost control on a supercharger system, strength of the TB would probably be an issue Apparently the Maritimo boats use a controlled driven position valve for boost control, anyone know what it is?
  11. Based on ecu options, it appears that it may be possible to configure TP main and it's throttle body as a cable pull, and enable E Throttle 2 and an electronic throttle body with the appropriate TP2 main and sub handshaking as a 2nd throttle body? Can someone confirm this is viable. Looking for ecu boost control options for a supercharged setup beyond utilising a wastegate solenoid and mac valve. Thanks Juan
  12. banaro

    Boost Target psi

  13. banaro

    Boost Target psi

    Under "Boost control" closed loop, / Target / Boost Target 1 table, are the psi values entered to be specified as MGP or MAP. Thanks Juan
  14. banaro

    digital inputs holding on for approx .5sec

    My interpretation of the wiring requirements made me connect ign on to both the plug c pin and a di input, i turned off the di, and shutdown is reliable, thanks for your help
  15. banaro

    Trig 1 errors and how the ecu reacts

    Will do, if there were trig2 cam sensor errors as well, sync loss, are these reported?, how might the ecu react? Thanks Juan