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  1. banaro

    digital inputs holding on for approx .5sec

    My interpretation of the wiring requirements made me connect ign on to both the plug c pin and a di input, i turned off the di, and shutdown is reliable, thanks for your help
  2. banaro

    Trig 1 errors and how the ecu reacts

    Will do, if there were trig2 cam sensor errors as well, sync loss, are these reported?, how might the ecu react? Thanks Juan
  3. banaro

    digital inputs holding on for approx .5sec

    Ecu logged battery volts remains at 12.8 after ign turn off, which suggests the ecu is not opening the main relay? Even though the ecu run time value page reports that the ignition is off and on at the right times, although your diagrams suggest the following method of connection, is it possible that a 12v ign on, and an open circuit off, and no pull up selected, is an unreliable off state? The reason i say this is for the anti theft input I found that using di13 with a 12v and open cct for low, no pullup, low is indeterminate and no good, could this be the same with ignition on
  4. banaro

    Trig 1 errors and how the ecu reacts

    Yes, rpm limiter due to extra spike due to sensor issue makes sense thanks. I adjusted trig 1 sensor closer / reduced the air gap hoping for an improvement, but it got worse, so i assume it is a sensing issue.
  5. banaro

    Rpm > 6200rpm on aux 11

    On aux 11 cond 1 only, rpm > 6200, is not responding, if i set rpm to 950, it works fine? Moved pin to aux 2 and with the same programming it works fine at 6200. What could be going on here? Thanks Juan
  6. banaro

    Trig 1 errors and how the ecu reacts

    Just changed a crank and cam trig set up and went from dissy/msd to coil packs. Getting a few trig 1 errors reported over 6000rpm and the ecu semi shuts down for nearly 1 sec each time, can someone describe how the ecu responds to events like this, so i can gain some confidence that nothing else is going on?
  7. banaro

    digital inputs holding on for approx .5sec

    Checked all aux outputs, none have 12v back feeds, all are supplied from the main relay, controlled but the ecu, the ecu is holding main relay on. When i use the anti theft input to shut the engine down, the ecu then shuts down about 0.3sec later. Any other possibilities? I could use an engine protection rpm table to rpm limit to 0 when ignition = off, but its not fixing it. Juan
  8. banaro

    digital inputs holding on for approx .5sec

    Ecu was wired with that in mind, but it is possible, i will check. Can someone confirm that aux feedback can result in no engine shutdown? Thanks Juan
  9. banaro

    digital inputs holding on for approx .5sec

    Hi Adam, Following our emails and your confirmation that this problem is real, I moved the critical Transbrake operation from DI 12 to DI 4 as you suggested as the lower 8 are not effected, all good. At the same time I moved about 6 AUX outputs around to overcome some functional limitations, and static tested each as fine. Today when I fired up and loaded to car to go racing tomorrow the car will no longer turn off via the ignition switch, but the anti theft switch will turn it off, I checked run time values and the ignition input is going on and off with the ignition switch, but the engine keeps running, it did turn off 1 in 6 attempts, any ideas Thanks Juan
  10. banaro

    digital inputs holding on for approx .5sec

    Hi Adam, i wish, i processed the DI out an Aux, to control a solinoid, and if you hold the input micro switch down for 0.5 sec it releases immediatly each time, but if you reduce the duration to just a touch of the switch, the input and solinoid holds for about .5sec most times. Have a light on the switch so know it is not sticking Juan
  11. Hi, key on, not running, i noticed that if you apply a very short duration 12volt input from a trans brake button, maybe 0.1sec, although the input is registered immediately on the runtime values window, most of the time the input is not cleared for approximately 0.5 sec and directly impacts further processing of this input. The input clears imediately and is reliable if the input duration is 0.5sec. Have not had a chance to test this issue when engine is running. Is this a known issue, and can you confirm it will do the same when running Thanks Juan
  12. banaro

    fuel pump assigned to Aux20

    I reassigned the fuel pump output and tach output from low number Aux outputs to 19 and 20 because i need the lower number Aux's for outputs with more complex conditions. Since then I have noticed that both only respond about 75% of the time to an ignition on event, eg no pump prime and tach test 25% of the time, is this a known issue?, do they have a lower priority and get missed some times? Thunder ecu Thanks Juan
  13. banaro

    Throttle tromp AFR chaos

    HI Gents, Just changed to a 90mm single blade TB due to restrictions with the previous 4 barrell progressiveTB, 90mm is the correct size for this supercharged SBC at full throttle, I am seeing significant AFR lean spikes not present before, I assume this is due to the more dramatic opening with low air speed from idle, I have played extensively with accelerator enrichment settings, amount, duration etc, but ended up back were I started, increasing enrichment only made the out of bounds rich AFR rebound get larger while having no impact on the lean spikes at all, can someone have a look at the attached LOG file and offer some advice. Look at the underload 100% tromp at the end of the recording, use Lambda 2, as Lamba 1 has a fault, ignore fuel pressure as I had it re-purposed at the time. Thanks 170418-5.llg
  14. banaro

    Trim % calculation

    Does the individual cyl fuel trim calculation act as a straight % change to the final calculated fuel amount to be delivered. Have recently moved from autronic to link, and I am finding that the link seems to need much larger trim values than the autronic on the same engine. Thanks
  15. banaro

    Laptop screen refresh rate

    Hi, Is there a way to adjust / reduce the displayed data refresh rate when live with the ecu, having trouble making sense of input temp data from analog inputs, as the tens and units info is a blur of rapid change. Thanks