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  1. I used both conditions within aux14, rpm greater than 4000rpm and TPS greater than 60%, i tend to test outputs by varying the conditions temporarily rather than going to "test on", gives me more confidence, so no.
  2. Thanks Adam, definately no low drive out on my aux 14, moved it from aux3 to aux14 to free up a low number aux, then back to aux 3 when it did not work, maybe our hardware and software revisions are slightly different Adam, i have found a number of bugs that you have confirmed in the last 15 months, i also came across the issue of the individual fuel cyl trim tables being disabled by activating dual fuel tables in the traditional tuning mode the other day, are you able to publish a list of all the known bugs so we can avoid them? Thanks
  3. banaro

    cranking ign timing

    Thanks Adam, can you confirm that the timing applied below 400rpm is from the active ignition tables
  4. When i use either aux 13 & or 14 as gp outputs i can see there outputs are correct in runtime values, but are always off when another aux uses them as an input, or you try to low side drive a relay. Is this a known fault, or could my ecu be faulty?
  5. banaro

    cranking ign timing

    I have not yet recorded any data below 500rpm, but it seems that during cranking my ign timing value may be being determined by the "idle ign table" which i use for idle control, can someone confirm that? I had assumed it would come from the main ign map Thanks
  6. Thanks for your help Adam, thats what i needed to know
  7. Adam, are you able to comment on this, if i set timer or delay functions of say 10ms, is the likely result 10 to 50ms?
  8. Perfect, thanks for checking Adam
  9. The help says that processing timer values under 50ms is unreliable, i have for example n2o injected some distance before the engine and i implement timer functions to delay the change to ign timing until the n2o reaches the cylinders and in reverse on the turn off, the calculated times are obviously way less than 50ms, so am i wasting my time doing this? Thanks for your help
  10. Thanks Adam, if you can confirm by bench testing that only a single upshift is triggered irrespective of how long the DI then remains active that would be great
  11. Can someone confirm that if i use a DI to trigger an upshift torque reduction, and that DI then continues to remain active, that another upshift event is not triggered at the end of the maximum allowable "reactivation timeout" of 500ms??
  12. banaro

    Non resister plugs

    I am unable to get a resistor spark plug in the heat range that i need to move to, can i use non resister plugs with a LINK ecu reliably?
  13. Adding some Nitrous to help get up on boost, using a dry system with the 8 engine fuel injectors to provide the additional fuel, would have liked to just add a fixed injector DC increase across the effected rpm range, but can probably only add a percentage to the main map via the 4 or 5d tables which is messy as i have to estimate the engines power at each rpm cell to determine a percentage change for each one, then if the base engine power changed ie boost change, the added percentage will be incorrect, any ideas?? Black strip dyno only
  14. Ok thanks Adam, external is all could come up with as well, are you able to add something like the following to the development wish list to solve problems like this: The ability to read and write values to memory that can be at least used by the virtual aux outputs
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