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  1. Eh I finally have a speedo. For those interested the mx83 sensor uses 4 pulses. Don't know why but I had to turn down the diameter to like 1585 when I'm running 17 inch wheels with a 45 tyre. Only thing to Susan out now is the gear calculation thinks I go up a gear in between 2/3 thinks I'm in 4th
  2. thanks for the info. and I am from AUS same same but different
  3. ok awesome ill tray that and get back to ya thanks mate so is it best to start adjusting the pulses or the diameter first and is wheel diam the over all including tyre or just wheel
  4. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WlxvWPWRUHgVRsg_kVuafC9EnEfXPsLR?usp=sharing try again man
  5. wont let me upload this file do i need to use a file resize or something https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WlxvWPWRUHgVRsg_kVuafC9EnEfXPsLR let me know if this works
  6. So had a look at the run time then and short answer is no nothing pops up there in speed sensors
  7. I'll check soon as I get home tonight
  8. As tittle says I have finally found my speed source and I'm pretty sure it's been wired directly to the dash instead of the ecu. Is there a way to tune it so it's right. I'm clocking up the kms ATM as it thinks I'm doing 450kph everywhere. Ive tried to change it in the ecu but the ratio doesn't do anything Thanks in advance
  9. ok thanks i didn't want to set it to that without confirmation
  10. so I am ready to set up the dash with the software but i cant find the link mxs strada dash in the can drop down menu. i have tried to update the ecu firmware but it says i have the latest version???? is there something i am missing is there a new firmware update i can not find?
  11. awesome ill pass this on thanks in advance. cant wait to see everything thats going on now
  12. So i have received new mxs Strada street. And installation is going well. But before I get the auto elec to finish up. I have a fuel sender question. Can we wire up the fuel sender strait to the dash to get the fuel level? Or is there another device I need? I seen a older video if the aims mxs Strada and seen they used a sender unit or something. I'm hoping there is a way to wire it up as I'm starting to run out of money but if I have to I'll buy what's needed i will
  13. Thanks for the reply. Yes I have seen that one I just don't know how all that bulk is going to fit into my Cressida dash is all. The remote buttons is a great idea tho
  14. Bit of a random question. But I bought a link mxs Strada for my car this week as my old speedo in my dash is non repairable. Anyways.... Is there a clean panel mount that I can trim to custom fit to my x83 Cressida? I've searched heaps on the net and I have found a pic of one but no idea or links to where it's from. Maybe he made it but it has a recess for side buttons. If you know of one please HMU. Thanks
  15. Finally got it tuned. As far as the idle problem well the stepper valve was shagged.. good number for stock 1uz. Can't wait to put the fun stuff on it . This was the first time my tuner used a link ecu also. He likes it
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