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    Slow cranking

    Just a quick one, was the 1zz engine stock? IE stock compression? Did it have larger injectors? I just discovered an old map you posted, the fuel table on my base map and the fuel table in the map you posted is very similar at any given RPM, however my ignition table is hugely advanced in nearly all areas. I will not be driving the car anything other than very light throttle to the mappers and getting it sorted there, but I may load in your ignition table to see if it helps the car, thoughts? My 1zz block is running standard compression although it has forged rods and different pisto
  2. SteveX

    Slow cranking

    Thanks JMP! That's how I would like mine to start! Slow cranking nearly sorted, earth strap needed sorting and it's cranking quite a bit faster now. Still a long crank though, it literally turns for about 4 seconds before firing. Do you recommend notching down the ignition timing 500RPM and below? Thanks, Just to add the current table looks a bit all over the place, if you look from 50kpa then to 90 the it looks very off. Not sure this base map is anything like sorted...
  3. SteveX

    Slow cranking

    Thanks good idea to pull the coils. I’ll try that. i plugged the laptop in and looked at the mapalso, it’s 35 degrees advance up to 500 rpm. It’s a small 1.8 high compression Toyota petrol engine, seems high. compression should be stock, stock comp pistons used, larger / heavier forged rods.
  4. SteveX

    Slow cranking

    Hi Guys, Just had a G4 fitted to my mr2 1zz turbo. I will be getting it set up in January, it has a base map loaded. The issue is, on the factory ECU the car turned over perfect, since the G4 is fitted it cranks slowly (almost feels like the battery is low). The existing battery was 3 years old, so I switched to a new one today, but the same issue? The chap who re-built my engine and fitted the ECU said that aftermarket ECU's can take more juice, but I don't buy that this is causing the slow cranking. I read on the forum that timing could effect starting and cause slow cran
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