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  1. Ok, i need next; 1. Using oem spark coils. Do not want to change oem coils. 2. Want to use 2 egt. 3. I need control radiator fan and water to air intercoole fan. 4. Use map instead of maf. 5. Traction & launch control Tqvm.
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    Hi every one, I want to buy STAND ALONE ECU for m62b44tu engine, 2002 e39 540i bmw 6 speed manual with vortech SUPERCHARGER 10PSI. Can you please advise which one is good for me? My goal is controlling the e-throttle and timing. Want use 2 lsu4.2 or 4.9. Using egt and map. Also i need base map to start. Can you please advise?
  3. Hi Everyone, I am new in LINK and kindly advise to suggest me Link model for my BMW e39 with engine m62b44tu. It is v8 4.4L with double vanos system engine. Also, I need additional info wether I will need to change my sparks or any other underwater stones with this ECU. TQVM in advance.
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