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  1. Thanks, using modeled fuel, so yip.  Pretty annoying purposely having to reduce the torque.  Tempted to take my chances and not reduce the torque, as I'm only going to max 18psi boost.  At peak torque, I'm only at 13psi, so tempting........

  2. Hi guys, I'm having a crack at tuning my car myself, its an Evo 5.  The block is still stock with 170,000km on the clock.  My last tune was on the factory ecu running SD, so have been looking at the logs I did with that and set up of the rom for some guidance.

    I know what will kill my engine is torque and need to be careful.  From the original tune, the timing and boost were limited in the 4000 - 5000rpm range, timing drops and wastegate duty cycle drops, to reduce torque. 

    I've seen comments around where in the rev range the torque kills the engine, and I've seen people say in the mid range, and then others up top.  My old tune was limiting in the mid range.  

    I've done  a log with wastegate duty cycle and timing not limited in that mid range, and torque was obviously higher.  I'm starting to drop timing and boost in that mid range, to match to what my old tuner had, to reduce that torque.  As a comparison, my old tune had peak torque at 391Nm at 5900 rpm, and I just had it at 413Nm at 4795rpm.

    What are peoples view on torque and weak rods.  Should torque be limited in that mid range, or is it up top that kills it?  I've always been told mid range, like my tuner has tuned it like in the past.  It would be good to get some opinions.  

  3. I'm learning and setting knock control up myself for the first time on, but on an Evo.  If Cylinder 4 is so much higher than the rest, I would have thought you'd turn the gain level on cylinder 4 down, and keep reducing the gain until the knock level all lines up.  For those experts, am I on the right track on what should be done in this situation?

  4. I'm having a go at tuning mine myself and have looked at alot of the HP Academy videos, I haven't played for long and have the fuel pretty good for start, cruise and full power runs off the wastegate.  Time to get the knock sensor set up and increase the boost, then add some timing.

  5. I'm thinking I may attempt to tune my car myself, the only thing that makes me uneasy is setting up the knock sensor.  This is a great how to, so will look at giving it a try. 

    It would be great to see what final settings others ended up with, as I am guessing that there will be variances between cars, but not too much?

  6. I'm a complete novice, so learning as I go.  Its the full version of PC link, so you can do everything.  The tablet though is too slow for doing anything much more than displaying the dash.  I'd want a keyboard and mouse if I was to even try to use it for anything more than a dash.  I was thinking of getting a bluetooth keyboard etc to use with it, but don't see the point.  If you want to tune, a laptop has the power to do the job properly.

  7. Bought one of the Noel Leeming tablets, on special for NZ$199 until Tuesday.  Haven't had a chance to play with it much yet, but looks pretty good, and that price is hard to beat.  Will need to find a 12v to 5v converter to plug in to the DC power.  Not sure how I'm going to mount it yet.

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