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    VQ37 VVEL Control

    Thanks for your reply @cj 1 - I was thinking the same thing when it came to using the throttle control H bridge to control the VVEL but I will be retaining the standard manifold on the VQ37 as it is designed to clear the VVEL motors so I'm stuck with the twin throttle bodys. 2 - This is always a possibility and something that I will have to spend some time researching - Similar to the robotics speed controller. It's really a toss up to see where is the best place to spend all my time. The only reason I mentioned the piston to valve clearance is I know Nissan have programmed hard limits into the software when it comes to tuning the VVEL with ECUTek. I agree that you would think they take into consideration these things and would design an engine that would "grenade" like you said. Will do some measurements when I build the engine so I can document the physical clearances. I have checked out that wiring diagram, the idea of using the factory controller and wiring and using CAN to control them seems like the best option to me. Only issue being I'm not familiar with CAN bus sniffing but it might be a skill set that I'm going to have to learn. Unfortunately I don't have a complete running vehicle / engine, the VQ37 will be transplanted into my Nissan Gloria which currently has a VQ30 in it.
  2. Drexal

    VQ37 VVEL Control

    Hi All, I'm wanting to run the Nissan VQ37VHR on my Link G4+ Thunder and was seeing if anyone out there has had any luck with this? In particular control over the VVEL. I've been debating a couple of ways to control this but some ideas would be much appreciated. I'm sure there are people out there who have control over it but I haven't found much information yet. So far I have spoken to @Adamw and he recommended using some sort of external speed controller - Example - https://www.vexrobotics.com/217-8080.html Another idea was manual control. Setting the VVEL at a certain level and locking it. Taking in account valve to piston clearance. Thanks is advance
  3. Sorry to bump an old thread but I'm looking at running the VQ37 with a Link Thunder, was seeing if anyone here was able to gain control of the VVEL?
  4. Drexal

    Lambda/AFR problems

    Have you got another sensor you can swap it out with to rule out a bad sensor? If its a LSU 4.9 I've had a few fail and give some very strange readings.
  5. Drexal

    Link ecu on a tablet

    I've got it turning on by itself but not turning off, it was just a simple setting in the Bios to get it to turn on with ignition power. I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to find a way to get it to shut down with the ignition off but this might be a pain in the ass if you wanted to make any changes with engine off.
  6. Drexal

    Link ecu on a tablet

    I've been using a Dell Venue 7140 for a couple of months now and its been very helpful when tuning my daily driver, it charges through USB Mini and then communicates to the ECU through another USB port. Only issue I've ran into is scaling the PC Link software correctly, doesn't seem to scale up very.
  7. Drexal

    the apprentice

    Firing order is definitely different to start with, I've just finished retrofitting my RB20 with a Z32 ECU . If you have any questions feel free to PM me. I might still have the PIN comparison PDF that I did up laying around somewhere.
  8. I think your on the right track to answering your own question. If it had a trigger error than clearly that would cause some erratic issues with the RPM and Injector duty cycle. I'll have a look at the log and map when I get home. Any more information on engine / trigger setup ect?
  9. Would be very helpful if you could attach a copy of the data log and current map
  10. @Leiden I'll have to do some touch up's to the fuel map once I turn the Charge Temp Correction off but that's not too much of an issue. I had weird VE numbers in the table when I was trying to use the Modelled fuel and couldn't find the cause so ended up changing it across to MS based. I'm used to working on the engines not tuning them but this forum and community has been very helpful! The Open Loop Lambda is active but I've changed the temp activation to above 120 degree's (which I would hope this engine never see's that temp) so that I can get the fuel map some what close. I've attached this morning's log with the timing removed. I'll import the Crank Enrich and Startup Enrich maps for the 350z VQ35 which should be the closest to the VQ30 and try them tomorrow. Log 2018-08-10 8;55;12 am.llg Nissan Y34 Gloria - Link Thunder 09.08.18 v2 - Idle stepup added - Timing removed.pclr
  11. @Leiden I realised this after I had spent the time tuning the fuel map on the dyno after having issues with tuning the VE model. Will rectify this once I get back onto the dyno. As for the odd shape in the fuel table, I don't know why it's like that. Will try to change back to the Modelled and see if I can figure it out. A little update from this morning - I found the ignition timing on startup to be very advanced (29 degrees). After fixing pulling some ignition out of the map it seemed to start better this morning. I'm slowly learning how to tune and the Link G4 software. I appreciate you highlighting these issues and I will try to address them as best I can. Cheers - Jacob
  12. Most recent log file attached.
  13. Good morning fellas, I've been having some issues with cold starts lately. Resorting to the forum is my last option as I have tried everything that has been recommended in the forum before. I have added fuel and removed fuel with no success. Currently it is cranking excessively and once it does start the AFR's drop into the high 9's for a short period of time. The guys from work have noted the amount of fuel soot out the tailpipe when I drive away as well. Does the injection timing have a large effect on the start time? Any input will be much appreciated. Log and PCL attached. Jacob Nissan Y34 Gloria - Link Thunder 09.08.18 v2 - Idle stepup added.pclr Log 2018-08-9 9;10;05 pm.llg
  14. Drexal

    What ecu for dual DBW

    I'm running the Thunder ECU on a VQ30 with single fly by wire but I know it's capable of running twin if that answers your question.
  15. Id be interested in this as well, I'm currently running a Re4r03b gearbox with a R34 Skyline trans controller. It seems to work but would be much nicer to be able to get the Link to do the control.
  16. @Adamw is there any way to get internal wideband to display on this app? Setting it up now and cannot find an option for internal lambda. (Thunder ECU) Guessing this might have to be part of your update of the data stream?
  17. This is actually for a Y34 Nissan Gloria, I'm using the Skyline AT ECU as it allows me to have Tiptronic control over the Re4r03b gearbox. Was a little bit of an oversight on my part that I didn't take account that the factory ECU was feeding the Trans ECU the TPS Signal. I assume it's still too much to share the TPS signal? I spliced it in early tonight and was receiving TPS main / Sub errors.
  18. Hi Fella's, As the title states I'm wondering if there is a way to configure a TPS output for the Transmission Controller to see. I'm running the Link G4+ Thunder stand-alone with a R34 Skyline Transmission controller. The only option I can see at this stage is piggybacking onto the TPS / APS output but I don't really like this with the engine running E-Throttle. Any input would be much appreciated!
  19. Thank you @Adamw for having a look over this! It's taking me some time to get my head around the software. I've managed to get the Throttle to behave itself now and is no longer fluttering when the butterfly is closed. I'm in the process of changing over to a Modelled fuel map but the figures in the map are up in the 80's at idle, the injectors I have are advertised as 1015 at 43.5 PSI and were supplied with deadtimes. The engine setup is difficult to get a gauge on the fuel system but that will be my next option. Fitting an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator with a gauge fed into the Link. Is it normal to see figures that high? Would you happen to have a VE and ignition map for a VQ30?
  20. Hi Fella's I'm hoping people with experience in the forum might be able to have a look over my log and ecu config file. Current spec's : Nissan Y34 Gloria VQ30DET - Internally Standard GTW3884 67mm .82ar Bosch modified 1000CC injectors (Dead time chart attached) Link Thunder The setup has been running fairly well. I have run into a couple of issues with configuring the injector dead times and also the fly by wire throttle. On throttle back-off the butterfly plate oscillates rapidly. Unfortunately I was unable to capture this in the attached log. Any input would be very appreciated! I'm working my way through the HPA tuning course and would really like to do all the tuning myself. Log1.rar Y34 Gloria Id1000 Gtw3884.pclr Deadtime BSS1000L.xlsx
  21. Amongst a few wiring issues which caused the 12v supply circuit in the factory ECU to die @ClintBHP hit the nail on the head with the timing out 360 degree's. Changed the offset to 352 instead of -8 and it fired up straight away. Thank you all for your help. Now the fun can start after I finalise all the wiring
  22. Hi Fella's, I'm new to the Link platform and I'm having some drama's with an ECU install. Some background on the install, its a parallel installing with the factory engine computer. I've made an adapter harness which sits in between the factory engine computer and the harness, from there the appropriate signal wires have been routed to the Link computer. The timing has been set to 15 degrees with a timing light, and all the injectors / coils have been checked with the injector / coil test function. When I try to start the engine there it doesn't sound like its firing but will kick and spludder once the I turn the key away from the start position. I've attached the most current saved map, some crank log files and a trigger scope. I've run out of ideas at this stage, I'm sure someone with experience will be able to point me in the direction of my mistake. Thank is advance! Engine Crank 3.llg Y34 Gloria 13.04.18.pclr
  23. @ClintBHP The auto ECU is separate to the engine ECU, wiring diagrams are just a little bit of an issue to acquire. I can feed the Link and the Standard ECU the TPS output and hopefully the Standard ECU doesn't freak out too much like you said. There is a screen in the center of the dash that will display fault codes if they are present so I was hoping I could keep the ECU fault free.
  24. Hi Fella's I'm currently trying to figure out what would be the best way to tackle the Link G4+ Thunder ECU into my Nissan 1999 HY34 Gloria. Hopefully with your experience I can reach a solution to my installation issues. A little bit of information about the car - VQ30Det, GTW3884, Re4r03b auto with shift kit and supporting mods The car is currently fitted with the standard Nissan engine and Auto computer. I've sized up the intake pipe to 3.5" and scaled the injectors accordingly (550cc). This has proven to be a quick fix but without being able to tune the car it is unable to reach its full potential. The main issue I'm experiencing is the the standard Nissan engine ECU talks to a lot of other computers in the car, being a 1999 model it doesn't run CAN. I would like to retain as much as I can in the car and keep it as stock looking as possible. Below is the current options I've been considering; Piggy Back - This option seems like the easiest, allowing the factory auto computer to control the shifts. I can put the gear selector into manual mode and this will allow me to rev the engine past the stock 6,500 RPM Rev limit and shift when I like. Once back in D the auto ecu will then shift at 6,500 allowing the car to still be comfortable to drive. The issues I'm having with the setup is the factory fly by wire, it seems very clunky and limits the full amount of throttle input. Is there a way to use an Analog input the satisfy the standard computer when it comes to this? This option is also keeps all the dash and air conditioning systems happy as they all talk to the engine ECU as well. Stand alone - Now this option will require a fair but more work, I have an auto ecu from a newer model transmission (2002). This ECU is confirmed to be running CAN. If I can satisfy all the can inputs it requires this could be a valid option. Stand alone - This option will require me to send analog voltage inputs to the pre CAN bus ECU. If anyone has had experience in a situation like this and has found a solution I would be very happy to hear your input Thank you in advance
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