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  1. bmt

    BAP sensor readings

    Thanks, Adam - its confirmed to be in Marine mode - I took my Vipec #1 and swapped between sleds - I get the same indications from swapping to a different sled - Ill contact tech support next week. Any body in specific to chat with? Thanks for the timely reply! Happy Holidays,
  2. bmt

    BAP sensor readings

    Hi there, question on my new Vipec - I have 2 setups for turbo polaris - and the new vipec I have set up shows the Bap sensor reading - which comparing to my other unit is incorrect- the MAP sensor is reading a bit high as well - the other setup I have is showing 93 . Can you advise me of how to get the BAP sensor recalibrated - I'm assuming this is the internal VIPEC bap sensor.
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