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  1. Furai

    Wiring Earths on MX5 PNP

    Hey Euen, Long time! Sorry Ive changed phone since then and dont have your number. I have bought some 3 core shielded cable but Im guessing I will have to solder the wires together from the Cam and Crank sensors as theres only one sensor ground I can use
  2. Furai

    Wiring Earths on MX5 PNP

    I am adding in a few wires for my Coil on plug, VVT and Crank(Hall effect) and Cam sensors. Im just wondering what grounds can I use on the ECU? The expansion connector has sensor ground and the sensor voltage supply which I will use for the Crank and cam sensors but I am wondering if that is too many sensors if I had them all on one ground. I couldnt see an extra ground in the Link PNP ECUs pin out in the instructions. Also how is best to shield the crank and cam sensor? I havent been able to find any slip on shielding but have found foil tape?
  3. Furai

    Injector wiring in pairs

    Im running an MX5 NA with a G4 PNP and I have put a Mazda 3/6/NC 2l engine in. Im wiring at the moment and the injector wiring on the factory loom is wired so 2 injectors are on the same signal wire. The new motor on the factory loom has them wired individually. Is there an advantage to individual wiring? Can I wire them in pairs so I can use the loom in the car?
  4. Thanks for clarifying,is there a benefit to direct spark or is wasted fine?
  5. In the manual http://www.linkecu.bg/downloads/installation/MazdaMiata.pdf It shows ignition 3 and 4 being used for fan and AC so Im wondering if Coil on plug setup will be difficult as in the manual is says you need to assign each one individually
  6. I am currently putting a 3rd gen MX5 motor into my NA, Because Ive been running my NA on ITBs and cams I bought a PNP Link G4+. As I am doing the engine swap I want to use the factory loom as the body and engine loom intertwine but the original motor runs wasted spark. Looking at the ECU pinouts and the factory wiring diagram on page 4 here it looks like I could run a plug directly into where the ignitor goes (The coil packs I have are built in ignitor) instead of making a new loom. http://neomiata.com/garage/Wiring Diagrams/Wiring Diagrams 1990-1996/1991_Miata Wiring Diagrams.pdf I just wanted to confirm if I am correct before I set everything up