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  1. Furai

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    Yes I did i also tried moving it point by point below and above the lowest number on cam test. Thanks Adam, so if I make my own trigger setup do you think it will work? This is actually a 2010 Mazda 3 motor but may be differrent to the normal Mazdaspeed 3 motors Im guessing the trigger setup is for
  2. Furai

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    720 atdc gets a sync? na6ce mzr latest vvt on 720.pclr
  3. Furai

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    So I have finally had time to have a look, I turned off DI1 and set the offset to thelowest valuefrom the cam test, as well as changing that value point by point to try get it to sync and still no luck.
  4. Furai

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    NA6CE MZR 145whp vvt.pclr
  5. Furai

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    Got the trigger to sync, but when the rpm rises it peaks up and says error reading extra pulse count? Log 2018-08-12 1;25;47 pm random rpm jump.llg
  6. Furai

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    Heres triggerscope for idle and one for 3000rpm Trigger Scope Log 2018-08-11 10;50;52 am idle.llg Trigger Scope Log 2018-08-11 10;51;36 am 3000k.llg
  7. Furai

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    Right so went through and did all those things as well as counting the teeth on the cam, I ran the cam angle test and had the values reading constantly. When I tried advancing the cam it said it could not sync cam signal? Is there another setting I need to put in as the lugs for the cam sensor pickup are not evenly spaced?
  8. Furai

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    Yes it is the same as that but happens at different RPMS depending on how you set the parameters. Here is the Map, we tried VVT as a switch or as a table(The Map has it set as Duratec but we tried Mazda 3 and MX5 as well. Its a Mazda 3 engine but a 2.0 so I would expect it to be the same as the Mazda 3 setup?) and both times it wouldnt change anything until a certain value was reached and it would stall the motor like the video above NA6CE MZR 145whp no-vvt.pclr
  9. Furai

    VVT Settings for Mazda 3 Engine

    Got my engine all up and running only thing I havent been able to get working is the VVT. I have tried using it as a switch or with a table and it seems to basically turn full on or full off. Theres no in between and when it turns full on it basically limit cuts the engine. Is there settings I should be using for it or does anyone have some settings they know work? I have it wired to aux 1 and 12v
  10. Furai

    G4+ Trigger with no pickup

    Im running a Link G4+ PNP MX5 and recently put in a Mazda LF-VE from a Mazda 3. Ive rewired into the factory plugs but cant get a trigger signal on the scope, the trigger is wired to pin 11(Trigger 1) and the VVT Cam to Dig input 1(Pin 33), sensor ground and pin 52 for voltage supply. I have tried different trigger types with no luck and tested the sensor with a battery and metal, it goes from 0-7v with metal applied. Is there any other ways to test the trigger through the ecu?
  11. Furai

    VVT Cam input

    I notice in the manual is says to use certain inputs depedning on where the VVt cam is(i.e. LH intake, RH intake etc) Just wondering is this when looking from the front or rear of the motor? I have a Mazda motor with the VVT on the intake side on the right of the motor if you were looking from the front but dont want to get it wrong.
  12. Furai

    Wiring Earths on MX5 PNP

    Hey Euen, Long time! Sorry Ive changed phone since then and dont have your number. I have bought some 3 core shielded cable but Im guessing I will have to solder the wires together from the Cam and Crank sensors as theres only one sensor ground I can use
  13. Furai

    Wiring Earths on MX5 PNP

    I am adding in a few wires for my Coil on plug, VVT and Crank(Hall effect) and Cam sensors. Im just wondering what grounds can I use on the ECU? The expansion connector has sensor ground and the sensor voltage supply which I will use for the Crank and cam sensors but I am wondering if that is too many sensors if I had them all on one ground. I couldnt see an extra ground in the Link PNP ECUs pin out in the instructions. Also how is best to shield the crank and cam sensor? I havent been able to find any slip on shielding but have found foil tape?
  14. Furai

    Injector wiring in pairs

    Im running an MX5 NA with a G4 PNP and I have put a Mazda 3/6/NC 2l engine in. Im wiring at the moment and the injector wiring on the factory loom is wired so 2 injectors are on the same signal wire. The new motor on the factory loom has them wired individually. Is there an advantage to individual wiring? Can I wire them in pairs so I can use the loom in the car?
  15. Thanks for clarifying,is there a benefit to direct spark or is wasted fine?